Stockholm trip. Sweden tours. Scenic summer panorama of the Old Town in Stockholm. Sweden vacation

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The old city of Stockholm seemed to come from the pages of a children's book with fairy tales

It is not without reason that Stockholm is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, because it resembles a city from a fairy tale, divided by channels into many islands. Panoramic views, water expanses, in which high spiers are reflected, all this causes sincere admiration. But how much is hidden among these medieval streets and hidden from the eyes of a hurrying tourist in the neighboring quarters. In the professional tours of Stockholm, not only visiting the most popular attractions of the city, but also many interesting places that are not included in the standard tourist routes.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, built on 14 islands. In the center are preserved two medieval districts Gamla Stan (Old Town) and Riddarholmen (Knight's Island). In the Old Town is the royal palace with four different facades, armory and treasury. Nearby is the Nobel Museum and the Knight's House. But most museums are located on the island of Sheppsholmen. Here are the museums of architecture, modern art and others. On the park island Royal Djurgorden there is an open-air ethnographic museum Skansen.

The Stockholm Old Town - Gamla Stan - perfectly preserved both the look and the spirit of the Middle Ages. The oldest square of the city, Stortorget, remembers the bustling markets, executions and pathetic speeches of the rulers, and at Christmas it turns into a wonderful fair. Immediately in the stock exchange building is the Nobel Museum, where you can put in memory the names of outstanding scientists and their achievements that changed the world. Literally around the corner is the imposing Royal Palace, where ceremonial receptions are still held, and beautiful ceremonies are held at noon.

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Stockholm trip. Sweden tours. Scenic summer panorama of the Old Town in Stockholm. Sweden vacation.
Many travelers who have visited Sweden have changed their attitude to the concept of "normal standard of living". All residents of the country can count on free education, medical care, fairly high benefits for children and unemployment. But that is not all. Recently, people began to chip here, so that all the necessary information is stored in one place - in the finger of a person.

The old town is located on a small island, which allows it to remain almost untouched for several centuries. No new construction

Stockholm is a wonderful city, there is a lot of water in it, many magnificent buildings, while all of them are in good order and very well maintained. It is noteworthy that beautiful buildings are not only in the city center, but everywhere. Salty and incredibly fresh sea air walks through the streets and makes invigorate. Masts of yachts evoke dreams of open sea and free swimming.

Explore the sunken ship. In a sense, the Vasa Museum is a monument to the unsuccessful shipbuilding: this warship sank 20 minutes after the first sailing into the sea in 1628. Since then, many times they tried to lift it from the bottom, but this was only possible in 1961 - and now the 69-meter colossus with a height of 52 meters can be looked at on land, getting acquainted with the features of the building and the myths that have so far wrapped this ship.

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is located on the rocky shores and islands of the Norstrom Strait, connecting Saltschen Bay with Lake Malaren. The city's appearance is characterized by an abundance of water spaces (partly freshwater, partly sea water), rocks and parks, combined with ancient and modern buildings of original architecture. Together with the cities of Sodertalje, Solna, Sundbyberg, Nakka, Lidinge and others, it forms the agglomeration of Greater Stockholm with a population of about 1.5 million people.

It is in the capital of Sweden Stockholm that one of the most prestigious awards for achievements in the field of science is awarded - the Nobel Prize. The exception is the award for promoting peace throughout the world, it is awarded in Norway. With the evening lights the city is transformed, turning even more into a fairy tale. Open new corners of Stockholm without repeating - Stockholm is much bigger and more interesting than the Old Town, Skansen and other popular sights - you can get to know each new visit from a new perspective.

The Swedes endure bad weather stoically; when the thermometer shows 0 degrees Celsius C or a slight minus, you can see the following picture: office workers go for dinner in their jackets, men ride bicycles in windbreakers, kids of three years without hats, dads hold one-year-old children in their arms in open jackets.

Locals go to the supermarket with rag bags and bags, so as not to use plastic bags harmful to the environment. And if, for example, information flashes in the news that some factory or farm pollutes air, water or contains animals in adverse conditions, then its products will simply stop buying. At the checkout, the Swedes spread goods from the basket with a bar code so that it is convenient for the seller. This greatly speeds up the maintenance process. And to make it easier for customers to find the products they need, each supermarket has a supermarket card.

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