Sweden vacation. Scenic summer panorama of the Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm. Sweden tours

The birthplace of the Vikings. What to do in Sweden.

The main attractions of Stockholm, which tourists usually visit first

The Royal Palace is located on the embankment of the island Stadholmen. This is the venue of the famous Nobel Laureate dinners. Special attention is given to the ceremony of changing the palace guard. The Nobel Museum - tourists will be able to learn a lot of new things, both about the Nobel itself and about all the winners of its prize. Park Museum Skansen - is located in the open air, the exhibition consists of ancient buildings and household items. There is a small zoo and a leisure garden, as well as souvenir shops and a bakery.

Vasa Warship Museum - the ship was built in the 17th century and perfectly preserved to the smallest detail, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Stockholm. If you are traveling with children, then you must visit the Yunibakken Museum. It is dedicated to the famous writer who gave the world of Karlsson-on-the-Roof - Astrid Lindgren. In the museum of modern art, as in any such museum, along with interesting works of famous artists (Salvador Dali, Wassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse, etc.) there are many strange and little understandable to an ordinary tourist masterpieces and installations.

If Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and Take A Chance On Me are not empty sounds for you, your feet will lead you to the museum of the legendary Swedish four. Here you can perform your favorite hits, dance along with Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid, discover the talent of a sound engineer and try on idol costumes. Tickets are best ordered online, so as not to languish in line at the entrance.

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Sweden vacation. Scenic summer panorama of the Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm. Sweden tours.
Unofficially, the Swedish language is divided into 2 subspecies: simple and complex. Most people do not use such words in their everyday speech as "objectively", "subjectively", "review", "consistency". Often they don't even know their meaning. Therefore, in order to be recognized as an erudite person, it is enough to learn them and it is appropriate to insert them into speech on occasion. By the way, the novels "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy are also presented in a difficult and easy translation.

The Church of Ridderholm ("Knight's Island") is the tomb of the kings of Sweden

It is said that its modern spire is made of plastic, and it looks like openwork steel. Best swedish souvenirs: what to bring from Sweden. You can buy memorabilia in Sweden with the following characters: Trolls are supernatural creatures from Swedish mythology; Moose is the main symbol of the country and a favorite animal in Sweden; Vikings - Fearless warriors who inhabited Sweden in the Middle Ages; Moomintrolls are funny characters of the writer and artist Tove Jansson; Dalecarlian horse - a red wooden figure originally from the province of Dalarna; The heroes from the books of Astrid Lindgren are favorite characters from the Swedish writer since childhood.

Stockholm is divided into three zones, and the fare on public transport in each of them is different. Movement around the city is paid by coupons, which must be purchased in advance in the subway, ticket machines and kiosks with press. Subscriptions for a certain number of days will help save: within the prescribed period, you can use public transport without limit. The "city guest card" will also help save money. It is possible not only to travel by public transport, but also to visit museums and buy in stores at a discount.

Sweden is a safe country. The police are friendly and speak good English. The crime rate is low. You can safely walk on foot. But you need to take a responsible approach to compliance with local laws. Strict rules apply to the use of alcohol and potent substances. It is forbidden to bring weapons and many drugs into the country. Observe the order. You can pay a huge fine or even receive a prison sentence for the garbage thrown by the garbage can.

When searching for tickets to Stockholm, you should always consider the dates of national holidays and vacations, since these days there are no cheap options. The Stockholm pass is a tourist card that gives you the right to free access to several dozen tourist attractions in Stockholm: not only museums and palaces, but also water excursions and excursion buses hop-on-hop-off. The card became known as the Stockholm pass in 2016: before that, it was called the Stockholm card. A guidebook is included with each Stockholm pass. The Stockholm Tourist Card allows free entry to museums, palaces, churches and free guided tours.

A childcare leave in Sweden lasts 480 days, and 90 of them with the newborn should be carried out by the father. And no assurances of workaholism will help here. Authorities believe that the father should be involved in the process of raising a child from the very first days of his life. Therefore, brutal men with prams are a common sight.

Swedes protect nature. In all cities of this country there is a lot of greenery. Parks and squares are inhabited by birds, rabbits, hedgehogs. And all this flora and fauna must be respected. A case is known when a man shot a sparrow in the woods with an air rifle, and a passerby noticed this. The shooter was given several months in a penal colony and a fine. The country has a law on universal access to natural resources. According to him, people can swim in the water, put up tents, pick berries, ride a bicycle, including on private land. In the suburbs, fish are found in rivers and lakes, but they catch it out of sports interest and immediately release it. Wild animals live even near major cities and often go on the track. Many people have been fortunate enough to encounter truly rare species.

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