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Winter tourism in the Swiss Alps. Most romantic destinations in Europe.

Zermatt is one of the best alpine resorts in Switzerland

Late spring in the Alps is a ski tour time. From April to early June, depending on how much snow was pouring in winter, the most remote and picturesque alpine passes cross from valley to valley, from one glacier to another people ski from all over the world. For some it is a sport, others rest in this way. Perhaps the most famous skiing route in the Alps is the historic Haute Route, first traversed by the British in 1911, connecting the French Chamonix and the Swiss Zermatt. Almost everyone who loves ski trips dreams to pass it. It's like running to overcome the Grand Canyon or conquer Everest - to touch the legend, to be there and do what many only dream of.

Ski Haute Route is definitely not a novice route. It is not enough to be just hardy and strong, you need experience of high-altitude trekking, acclimatization, good skiing technique so that you don't care what the slope is under your feet and you can cope with any quality of snow.

The most environmentally friendly ski resorts in Switzerland is Zermatt with the symbol of Switzerland Matterhorn mountain. There is not even allowed to drive a car. Those who wish to move on electric vehicles. The resort is attractive for experienced athletes. Many trails to their taste with rocks, cliffs, forests. But the newcomers will not remain idle. For fans of a snowboard the park is arranged that they did not disturb other vacationers.

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Switzerland Alps
In about a hundred years of development of alpine tourism, various resorts have been created. There is a joke that all resorts in Switzerland are divided into those where millionaires rest, and those where billionaires rest. Perhaps something in this.

For the first time, members of the Alpine Club of Great Britain passed and described their path from Chamonix to Zermatt in the summer of 1861

Zermatt is a village and the eponymous famous Swiss resort near the Italian border. The Swiss love and appreciate their mountains. They strive to do everything to emphasize the ideality of the mountains. Smooth ski slopes, friendly service, well-developed infrastructure. Alpine skiing in this area is possible not only in winter, but throughout the year, thanks to the glaciers. In addition to skiing, the Swiss offer other entertainment. For example, ice skating, sledding, horse racing in the snow, golf and other sports on the ice.

The Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt implies several interesting descents with a decent height difference, but basically it's still climbing and long transitions. The weather in the mountains is changing rapidly, and the heat of the sun on the glacier can quickly be replaced by a piercing wind with clouds on the pass. A ski trip from Chamonix to Zermatt takes 5-7 days, depending on the group's fitness. The best time to go through the Haute Route is from early April to late May, sometimes to early June.

The Swiss Alps are a huge pleasure zone in the mountains for all skiers, snowboarders, mountaineers and lovers of winter sports and summer alpine meadows. And the most amazing that the tourist season in Switzerland lasts all year round. Do not forget about the alpine beauty, revealing amazing landscapes with your every step. The ski season itself lasts from January until the first of April, especially there are a lot of tourists in Switzerland for holidays, in particular for Christmas, and in February. For mountaineering, the ideal time is from June to September when it is warm. In the same months, pedestrians walk here, about 65 thousand kilometers of various trails are marked for them in the Swiss Alps.

In addition to directly lifts, railways, elevators and, of course, the snow tracks, both representatives of hotels and tour operators can offer you other options for alpine pastime. A mountain path of cycling and hiking trails runs along the mountain paths, you can even ride a local horse along the mountain path, feed cows that you probably already know from chocolate labels. Each resort offers to take climbing lessons or learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding to those who have no experience in these sports at all. For evening entertainment, all the doors of cafes and restaurants are open, overlooking the beautiful mountains and glaciers, nightclubs and other popular places work.

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