Moorea, Tahiti coral lagoon. Young woman in white bikini swimming in a coral lagoon. Moorea island travel

The whole island is literally immersed in flowers; they decorate both houses, open verandas, boats, and everyone

The islands of French Polynesia are a paradise for relaxation and the dream of every traveler

The exotic nature of the islands attracts tourists from all over the world. This magical place is famous for its snow-white beaches, rich wildlife and the best diving in the world. A lot of couples come to Moorea to spend their honeymoon here or even repeat their own wedding, but according to local, very beautiful and romantic customs. Moorea offers excellent conditions for outdoor activities, diving, snorkeling, fishing and windsurfing on the sea, and on land horseback riding, hiking, jeep tours around the whole island.

The territory of French Polynesia consists of many large and small islands. The most favorite for tourists are Tahiti, Bora Bora and the island of Moorea. In the waters of the Moorea lagoon, scientific diving teams are engaged in artificial breeding of corals.

It seems that nature has endowed this heavenly place with all possible sights and virtues. Moorea is perfect. Truly a blissful world. Even its shape is amazing. The shape of the island is a heart, in the center of which is located the mountain Rotoi, rising 900 meters above sea level. The slopes of the peaks are covered with pineapple plantations. The mountainous terrain is surrounded by real emerald jungle. But these are former volcanic mountains.

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Moorea, Tahiti coral lagoon. Young woman in white bikini swimming in a coral lagoon. Moorea island travel

Paradise Island Moorea in the shape of a heart. French Polynesia

The beaches of Moorea invariably attract bathers to themselves with the whiteness of fine warm sand and the transparency of the gentle waters of the lagoons, where you can swim all year round. Here you can choose the beach according to your mood: secluded and deserted, to swim and sunbathe slowly, or more lively. French Polynesia includes five archipelagoes and 118 islands, including 76 inhabited. Each island has a unique landscape - from volcanoes to coral reefs. Island Moorea. The contrast between the shimmering turquoise-blue sea and velvety-green mountains brought to this island the title of one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Moorea is a paradise for divers who come here from all over the world, because it is this island that boasts the largest ecosystem of coral reefs on the planet. His landscapes are breathtaking, and a canoe trip on the lagoon will amaze you.

Perhaps the most colorful event organized on this island, can rightly be considered a wedding ceremony. The locals dress the bride and groom on their wedding day in festive clothes; according to local custom, they are decorated with tiare flowers. A real romantic island wedding. What could be better? After the marriage ceremony and the wedding itself, the newly-made husband and wife are invited to visit a small uninhabited island.

In addition to the natural beauty, Moorea attracts tourists with ethnographic ideas, which are arranged by the inhabitants of the small Polynesian village of Tiki. All performances are accompanied by playing local musical instruments and fire dancing. Also on the island are scattered marae. So called stone temples, which are very important cultural heritage. Marae temples are a rectangular platform, it is fenced with massive stones. In the corner was a statue of a deity worshiped in ancient times by the Polynesians. Here the people made sacrifices.

Search for great vacation spots. Locals are very hospitable and welcome guests. Having preserved the traditional national way of life, they readily demonstrate it to everyone. In the village of Tiki, you will definitely be invited to dinner, and then they will show you the national "fiery dance" - a real theatrical performance. Vacation ideas for single travelers this summer.

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