Thai vacations - Ko Samui island. Girl sitting on rope swings on the sandy beach. Thailand island vacation. Best summer trips

How traveling affects your mood. The happiest part of your vacation.

Visit the small neighboring islands and stay overnight in this paradise

By nature itself, the instinct of freedom is laid in man. When you travel, you really gain freedom. You are free from everyday obligations, from the pressure of the environment, you are free in your choice. And this is the most important thing. Where we will go, what we will do and what we will take from a new trip is our choice. We make our own decisions and can choose what is really close to us. Each person has his own freedom - someone needs to jump with a parachute and feel the full power of free fall, someone to climb the mountains and take a deep breath of fresh air, and someone just walk around the city wandering the streets.

Vacations throughout the world. Here are wide sandy beaches, bordered by many coconut palms. Coconut palms and rubber plantations can be found on the island everywhere. On Samui you can go anywhere - everything is free. You feel like an explorer, you can ride around the periphery of the island and explore the beaches, you can go deep into the mountains and find empty waterfalls and temples, do whatever you want.

Samui Island, despite its relatively short tourist history, is full of entertainment for every taste. Connoisseurs of a relaxing holiday here can enjoy the beautiful ocean and visit the massage houses - massage services are offered in all major hotels and popular beaches (Chaweng, Lamai, Maenam and others). Fans of light extreme will appreciate the jeep safari through the tropical jungle in the depths of the island. And fans of a healthy lifestyle will probably want to come to the training at one of the yoga studios, which are in almost every area on the coast. The largest of them are in Chaweng, Lamai, and Bophut.

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Thai vacations - Ko Samui island. Girl sitting on rope swings on the sandy beach. Thailand island vacation
Water is life. This is especially true when there is no water nearby. Therefore, always keep a bottle of water near you, especially in hot countries or in an area where the quality of drinking water is in doubt. Eat in the simplest Thai places. It will be tastier, bigger and more soulful than in expensive restaurants adapted for Europeans. And, of course, at times cheaper. Try traditional Thai barbecue at Kai Bei - you can cook it yourself. Nothing living on Earth can live without water, life itself originated in water. Go to the shore of a lake or river and look at its surface. There you can see the meaning of all life, feel how small and insignificant you are in comparison with this beautiful and dangerous element. Enter the water, feel how it passes through you, how much peace and lightness bring these simple actions.

White sandy beaches, clear sea, wildlife, jungles and mountains - this island truly has the right to wear the status of paradise island

Fabulously beautiful island of Koh Samui among the resorts of Thailand takes the second place both in size and level of popularity. This is despite the fact that he became known relatively recently - until the 1980s there were no tourists here at all. Now, this small piece of land with an area of about 228 square kilometers attracts travelers from all over the world to get to the coconut paradise with white beaches, coral reefs and the endless ocean.

Days of wine and roses. After a few days, you start waking up at dawn from the singing of birds, and you don't want to spend time on the Internet at all. Cross-cultural language. Take advantage of the great opportunity and visit the neighboring islands of the archipelago. Samui is white beaches, coconut palms, amazing cliffs, islands and islets, crazy full moon parties, waterfalls and, of course, eternal summer. An important difference of Samui from other resorts in Thailand is the lack of large waves of the sea all year round. And the rainy season on the island is not as pronounced as in the whole of Thailand.

If there is something abundant on Samui, it's beaches. They are here for every taste - from the most lively and modern to a quiet, secluded, inviting to a quiet rest. There are 34 beaches on Samui, but the most popular of them are about 26 - those that have a well-developed infrastructure and everything necessary for safety. This is a bounty resort where tourists can endlessly enjoy gorgeous views of virgin nature, the blue sea and white sand.

Most often, tourists stop on the north and east side, near Chaweng, Lamai or Bo Phut, because in these places it is easiest to find affordable housing, supermarkets and various services. The beaches of Samui are fully landscaped and great for both entertainment and for families with children. Separately, it should be said about security: many tourists wonder whether there are any sharks near the island. Yes, they are. However, these are mainly tiger, whale and leopard sharks, which are not dangerous for humans, which feed on plankton and small fish.

Thailand's cuisine is a separate occasion to spend holidays in this country. It is based on rice, noodles, seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits. And the fruit assortment is the most impressive and accessible among the countries of Southeast Asia. There are hundreds of food options: from spicy soups with coconut milk to egg noodles with green mango and grated nuts. Moreover, tasty and fresh food can be found both in restaurants and in ordinary institutions for local residents. Street food culture is well developed in Thailand, in almost every city there are "night markets" where sellers of local delicacies come. As for drinks, freshly squeezed juices, cold tea and coffee are sold everywhere, as local beer enjoys the respect of tourists.

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