Thailand spa hotels. Young lady enjoying spa procedures in the open air pool. Thailand tours

SPA in Thailand. Top Spa Hotels in Thailand.

And yet, what is SPA really?

According to some sources, the word SPA (SPA) originates from the time of the Roman Empire. After the military campaigns, the legionnaires healed their wounds and aching bodies in hot springs, they also began to use something like baths for procedures. The places where the procedures were carried out were called "aquae", and the procedures carried out in these places were called "Sanus Per Aquam" (SPA - SPA) or "Solus Per Aqua", which from Latin means health and relaxation through water.

According to other sources, SPA (SPA) comes from the name of the city of SPA in Belgium, which was famous throughout Europe, and is famous today, for its healing sources. Spa tours to Asia and Thailand have always been a hit with travelers from around the world. Why? Because, Thailand is considered to be one of the capitals of health massage and all the treatments, specialists from different countries undergo training here.

The highest level of service and comfort makes tours to spa hotels in Thailand and Asia not only an excellent vacation, but also the opportunity to put yourself in order and gain physical and emotional health. Thai Spa is a combination of various methods of recovery, ranging from aromatherapy with essential oils to the famous Thai massage, which is the pinnacle of an Asian spa.

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Thailand spa hotels. Young lady enjoying spa procedures in the open air pool. Thailand tours

Spa industry Thailand rightfully occupies one of the leading places in the world

By the number of spa hotels Thailand can be a leader. Practically everywhere for spa procedures they use both modern technologies and a wide variety of various ancient Ayurvedic techniques, Thai massage, massage with extracts of various healing oils, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and much more. The combination of all this allows you to achieve complete relaxation and maximum health of the body.

Everyone knows that tourism is a multifaceted phenomenon. This expression did not appear by chance, because some people go on vacation, where they just lie carelessly and sunbathe in the sun, others go to see all sorts of historical and modern sights. Still others use their vacations in order to improve their health at some good overseas health resort (suppose a balneological resort).

And there are people who are going to relax and at the same time wish to get relaxation from Thai massage or spa procedures. I must say that there are quite a lot of tourists with similar requests, so many hotels, especially in Thailand, have begun to offer spa services right on site. You have to agree that it is rather convenient to get miraculous SPA procedures without moving far from the place of residence, after which you feel rejuvenated and vigorous to continue entertaining.

Thai massage is one of the most popular types of massage all over the world, the technique of which is distinguished by a point effect on the centers of human vitality. Thai massage is a whole wellness complex consisting of exposure to specific points and energy channels. The latter term refers to Eastern philosophy, in which it is believed that a person's health depends on his emotional balance. Unusual technology is designed to restore this balance.

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