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The best attraction of Bangkok - Ancient City

Do you like Buddhist architecture, Buddhist and Chinese temples? Then you are here - in Ancient City. Ancient City, Ancient Siam or Muang Boran - a unique park of temples, an open-air museum with a large number of copies of the most important temples, historic sites, major attractions. Muang Boran presents replicas of architectural monuments, which are either extremely difficult to reach because of their location in the jungle, or they no longer exist, they are destroyed. Ancient Siam was built by billionaire Lek Viriyaphant over an area of more than 200 acres. It is the largest open-air museum in the world, and includes 120 architectural landmarks.

Ancient City is made in the form of the Kingdom of Thailand, and each temple and monument is located on geographically correct places. Some of the temples are made in full size, some are reduced and significantly. All replicas were designed with the assistance of experts from the National Museum to ensure historical accuracy. Outstanding are the former Grand Palace of Ayutthaya (destroyed in the Burmese invasion of 1767), Wat Khao Phra Viharn on the Cambodian border, Phimai sanctuary in Nakhonratchasime.

Thailand is a completely unique country, full of paradoxes and wonders. Thailand is a country of religions. Today in the Kingdom there are more than 30 thousand active temples, each with its own history and architectural features.

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The magnificent palace Sanphet Prasat stands on a small island in the middle of an artificial pond in the open-air museum-park "Acient City"

This is just a copy of the ancient palace, built in the early Ayutthaya period by decree of Baromatrai Lokanat, the eighth king of Ayutthaya. Unfortunately, in the 18th century, the palace was burnt to ashes by the Burmese, and now only a stone foundation remains in Ayutthaya. The miracle that we see in the park nowadays is an exact copy of the lost palace, restored according to the chronicles and drawings.

A rather small number of visitors to the wonderful sunny Kingdom of Thailand knows that it was once called Siam. The history of the Kingdom of Siam dates back to 7000 BC, when people began to develop agriculture in Southeast Asia, growing beans and rice, for which the humid climate in this region was particularly suitable.

Later, already about 3600 BC, there was a resettlement from the lowlands to the highland areas of people who began to build villages with bamboo huts raised above the ground to high pillars to prevent flooding during flooding. Along with farming, crafts appeared: pottery and metallurgy (in Ban Chiang, Nonkoche, and Korat). The cultural development of the peoples of Southeast Asia continued. Between neighboring villages were established commodity exchange relations with agricultural products, Earthenware and bronze.

The ancestors of the Thais migrated for several centuries, most likely from South China to the places that today are the northern part of the current Kingdom. In 1238, the earliest Thai state arose - the Kingdom of Sukhothai with the same capital. However, there is a Thai script, in connection with which further events from the history of Siam can be traced already more reliably. After about a century and a half, the Kingdom of Sukhothai was absorbed by the more powerful Kingdom of Ayutthaya, which extended its power to southern Laos, southern Burma and most of Thailand. There is a new name - "Siam". For four hundred years, an order of state administration and a unique Thai culture (written type, initial representations of Hindu and Buddhist religions, fine arts and architecture) have been formed, diplomatic relations with European countries (most important with the Portuguese, with their well-developed weapons) have been developed.

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