The Bahamas seashore. Bimini Island resorts and beaches

Hot beaches coexist with gorgeous nature. Bimini - Bahamian tale.

The island is framed by coral reefs, and exceptionally clear water with a constant temperature provides a real riot of life

The ocean acquires a variety of colors due to the ebb and flow and changes in the depth of the shoals. Here you can enjoy world-class fishing, make an underwater journey through the tunnels and passages among the coral reefs, as well as the view of the sunken ships of the times of the Civil War. What can you say about the best beaches in the Bahamas? Visiting the Bahamas and not visiting Bimini will be a big mistake.

The Ernest Hemingway Islands, Bimini lies between Andros Island and the southern coast of Florida, just 80 km east of Miami. Bahamas - the golden sand of sultry beaches, the silvery smooth surface of the ocean, stretches to the very horizon, the noisy and merry holidays of tanned residents. And in addition to the whole mysterious, disturbing consciousness of the mystery of nature. It is here, near the wonderful island of Bimini, the most incredible, fantastic echoes of ancient ages appear in all their fabulous appearance.

The capital of this tiny island group is Alice Town. This city continues to remain the fishing capital of the Bahamas, whose numerous hotels and marinas provide thousands of fishermen and tourists with communication with the Great Ocean. Alice Town has many famous fishing clubs and resorts. The most famous of them is the Compleat Angler Hotel, where Hemingway wrote his famous novel "To Have and Have Not".

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The Bahamas seashore
Is Bimini Road an Atlanta Trail? In 1986, French professor Dmitry Rebikoff, swimming with an aqualung in the waters of the Bahamian archipelago, discovered a strange stone formation - two rows of large rectangular boulders, laid out the bottom of the ocean and stretched in different directions for several hundred meters. It is hard to imagine what forces of nature could give the stone such even outlines, and the scientist was amazed at the guess that opened to him - he came across the trail of an ancient civilization. News of the discovery, dubbed "Bimini Road", quickly spread around the world.

A sense of serenity, peace and a unique opportunity to be alone with yourself

On Bimini Island, you will find the Fountain of Youth, and plenty of entertainment. The islands are famous for their sea fishing - here you can catch wahoo, tuna, sailboat, mako shark, barracuda, and, the main local attraction, blue marlin and garfish. Also in these fertile waters flocks of dolphins very friendly towards people are feeding.

The best beaches of the Bahamas deservedly bear their title. Gentle tropical climate and first class service. There are no large numbers of tourists on the islands and you can fully relax from the hustle and stress of everyday life. The name of the country comes from the Indian name "island". All the islands are beautiful: the reefs and nature on them in its original form, untouched by civilization and not destroyed by tourism, and the weather is gorgeous.

Bimini Island has more fishing, diving, swimming and other entertainment per square kilometer than anywhere else in the Bahamas. Bimini Island is located on the edge of a steep underwater cliff, stretching hundreds of meters into the blue abyss. The Gulf Stream rushes past the northern island of the island, washing the island of Bimini, feeding and warming the island's coral reef and being a kind of underwater highway for everyone - from marlin to the devil, from dolphins to sea turtles.

The movement of marine life near the Gulf Stream is like on a ring road near a large metropolis. This unique place in the Bahamas has long been chosen by both fishermen and divers. It is extremely popular among divers. For Ernest Hemingway, when he first stepped onto this island from his ship Pilar in 1930, it was love at first sight. He often came back here, plunging into the lifestyle on the island of Bimini: swimming, snorkeling, fishing on huge fish, so highly valued among fishermen and yes, more than one bottle of rum was drunk with the locals.

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