Tian Shan, Kazakhstan. Kolsay Lakes National Park

The foothills of the Tien Shan. Hike in Kazakhstan.

To say that Kazakhstan is an amazing country is not to say anything

Kazakhstan is a place where the most beautiful flowers grow on the slopes of mountains and hills, where high cliffs turn into castles that are timeless. The place where the blue lakes fill the silence of green forests, there are the last rays of the sun hiding in the high valleys of the canyon. The place where the peaked white peaks of the mountains cut the clouds, and endless mountain rivers tend to the invisible distance.

Kolsay is located on the northern slope of the Tien Shan mountains, in the south-east of Kazakhstan. The boundary of the park is 120 kilometers east of Almaty. If you like pure nature, you should visit this wonderful place. This is quite a popular destination among nature lovers and tourists. All highland lakes are surrounded by coniferous forest. The view is awesome. The lower lake has a length of about 1 km, a width of 400 meters and a depth of 80 meters. The middle lake is the largest of the three and reaches a depth of 50 meters. The upper lake is surrounded by fir trees and alpine meadows. It is located 6 km from the Sarah Buluk Pass and Kyrgyzstan.

The rich flora and fauna of the lakes is still in its natural environment. From the trees, Tien Shan spruce with a thick crown prevails here. On the mountain slopes grow beautiful edelweiss. About berries and mushrooms and say nothing - they are abundant here. In these places are magnificent snow leopards, Turkestan lynx and argali, are listed in the Red Book. The Tien Shan bear and many smaller animals live in the park. The lakes (except for the coldest Upper Kolsay) are inhabited by rainbow trout.

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Tian Shan, Kazakhstan

Kolsai lakes are Swiss landscapes in Kazakhstan

The purest melt water escapes from the mountain peaks and flows smoothly over the lakes from south to north. Kazakhstan is a unique place with a wide palette of colors. The water in the lakes is striking emerald, blue and dark blue. The influence of glaciers and the location of the sun. Surrounded by pristine forests, the scenery is magnificent. Not without reason, this corner of nature is called the Kazakh Switzerland or the pearl of the Northern Tien Shan.

You do not think that Kazakhstan is steppes, deserts and the Baikonur cosmodrome. In this big country there are such landscapes, the existence of which is very difficult to believe. When it comes to virgin nature, you know, this is about the neighborhood of the Kolsai lakes. Nature has preserved this corner in its original form, unless there are several guest houses in the northern part of the Lower Kolsay.

Calm and tranquility of the surrounding species set up for dissolution in nature. For travelers mainly offered ecotourism. In winter, you can go ice skating on the ice of the lakes or ski around it. In summer, boat trips on the surface of ancient lakes are common. As well as hiking, horseback and bicycle tours of the surroundings.

The Republic of Kazakhstan provides almost all existing types of tourism - educational, recreational, ethnic, ecological, health, children's, sports, hunting, equestrian, adventure. For tourists, more than 700 travel routes are offered throughout Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a unique nature, which paradoxically combines full-flowing rivers and lakes with hot deserts and singing sands, the proud peaks of mountain ranges with divinely green oases, this is an ancient culture dating back to immemorial pagan times.

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