Tropical Beach Low Tide

At low tide, the sea retreats a considerable distance

The ebbs and flows are periodic oscillations of water masses under the influence of tidal forces of the Moon and the Sun

The tidal force of the moon plays a major role in the phenomenon of tides, since it is 2.17 times the tidal force of the sun. Tides on the globe are different and depend on the relative influence of the centrifugal force of the Earth, the force of the Sun and the Moon. Tides are semi-diurnal, diurnal and mixed. Tidal processes are very complex, therefore, to understand them, it is necessary to take into account many factors.

Due to the uneven distribution of water on the planet, in each new place of the ocean the tides are different. And for each coast in the internet you can find detailed tide maps by dates. You can download such a map to yourself and calculate the time of tides for your entire journey, so that you would know about what time it is better to swim. Ebbs and flows every day are different, as the position of the sun and the moon relative to each other is constantly changing. As a result, there are days when there is practically no ebb and flow and days when the ebb and flow is maximum. The difference between tide and tide off the coast of Thailand, for example, may exceed 2.5 meters. So, choosing a place to stay, it is worth considering what the beach looks like during low tides.

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Tropical Beach Low Tide

Low tides strongly hinder tourists on the beaches with a small slope of the coast, where you have to go far to reach the depths

The amplitude of the tide is the difference in water levels during ebb and flow. The maximum amplitude of the tide is observed in the bays and estuaries. In open areas of the coast, the tide amplitude typically ranges from two to three meters. In closed seas, such as the Mediterranean, tides almost never occur. When the Sun and the Moon line up with the Earth, the attraction becomes maximum, as the amplitude of the tides. When the sun and the moon are at right angles to each other, the attraction becomes minimal.

The tidal wave in the open ocean has a height of only 30-60 cm, but it increases significantly when approaching the shores of continents or islands. An interesting phenomenon occurs when the tide comes to the mouth of the river, which flows into the ocean. When it falls into a narrow, and even shallow reservoir, the amplitude of the tidal wave increases sharply and a high water wall moves upstream. This phenomenon is called bora.

If you dream of the idyllic islands of the South Seas, then Mamanuca in Fiji is perfect for this picture. After a short boat ride from the city of Nadi, you will discover an amazing picture. About 20 islands of the archipelago are popular for their sparkling palm beaches, crystal clear waters and thriving coral reefs. When you first look into this tropical jungle, you will immediately understand why many popular films were shot on islands in this chain. Choosing where to stay, you will definitely find something for your budget.

If you like a peaceful holiday, private villas and beautiful beaches, French St. Barts should be included on your travel list. The constant flow of movie stars and celebrities means that room and board are more expensive here than in other places. This is especially felt in the high season. Here you will find beautiful bright beaches amid green hills, world-class shopping and restaurants, as well as cultural diversity, which is so lacking in many other tropical destinations. Low season offers great deals, and all beaches are public, so you can stay in a private villa or boutique hotel and live the life of the rich and famous at a more affordable price. In addition to swimming on the beaches, shopping and feasting with delicious continental delicacies, you can go snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing, kayaking, fishing, surfing and sailing. The best beaches are Salty Beach, Governorate Beach and Lorient, and the red-roofed Gustavia capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean.

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