Tulips, Holland. The Netherlands is always associated with tulips

Tulips in the Netherlands. Tulip Travel to the Netherlands.

A trip to the tulip fields is a chance to be surrounded by a whole sea of flowers that falls less often

In April - early May, there is such an opportunity in Holland. Brought to Holland from Vienna in 1570, the first tulips were the beginning of the insane hobby of tulips of an entire people, known as tulipmania. Tulips for Holland are not just flowers. It is a symbol of the country, one of the most important economic components, and just an element by which the Netherlands will be recognized throughout the world.

The most visited among tourists are the fields of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths around Keikenhof, namely, in Lisse. This is explained not only by the worldwide fame of the park itself, but also by the fact that in Lisse it is extremely easy to get by bus from Leiden.

The tulip bloom season in Holland lasts from mid-April to mid-May. Numerous vast fields with tulips and other flowers are located throughout the state, especially many in the coastal part of the North Sea, near the cities of The Hague and Leiden. Flower fields with tulips in the drained reservoir of Bayster near Amsterdam are under the protection of UNESCO. A special abundance of flowering and a variety of tulip varieties in Holland are distinguished by the Keukenhof Park. Planted in even rows and on curly beds of rich colors, flowers spread around a wonderful scent. Every year, at least 7 million flower bulbs, most of which are tulips, are planted in Keukenhof. The tourists who arrived in Amsterdam take varietal bulbs with them for breeding at home or on the land plot.

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Tulips, Holland

Every year thousands of people make "pilgrimage" to the parks and fields of the country, which during this period resemble the blooming sea

In 1986, the Netherlands began mass cultivation of tulips on an industrial basis, and now flowers are one of the main export articles of the state. Tourists will be interested to visit flower auctions. This is both fun and informative. After all, auctions are held not only to sell as many tulips as possible, but also for the entertainment of the public.

Two days at the end of April in Amsterdam is the tulip festival. Many tourists travel to the Netherlands by this time. It is worth it - the spectacle is truly impressive. Competing in craftsmanship, landscape designers form original floral arrangements. A parade of flowers is held throughout the country. Cars and river rafts are decorated with thousands of multi-colored tulips, everywhere music and dance groups perform.

Tourism in the Netherlands is primarily interesting for the country's rich cultural history, tulips, and an abundance of canals. The cultural history of the country is really interesting. Many famous artists lived and worked in the Netherlands. In the 16th century, Hieronymus Bosch created his works. In the 17th century, such masters as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Wermer, Jan Stein and many others lived.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Vincent Van Gogh and Pete Mondrian were famous. Maurice Cornelis Escher is known as a graphic artist. Willem de Koning was educated in Rotterdam, and subsequently became a famous American artist. Han van Meegeren became famous for his fakes of classic paintings. The philosophers of Erasmus Rotterdam and Spinoza lived in the Netherlands, and all the main works of Descartes were performed there. The scientist Christian Huygens discovered the satellite of Saturn Titan and invented the pendulum clock.

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