Tunis tours. Mosque in classical national style, Mahdia. Tunisia travel

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If there is a country in the world with a spicy aroma of antiquity, gentle sea and gentle breath of the desert - then this is Tunisia

Carthage, Kairouan, Neapolis (modern Nabeul) - bewitching echoes of antiquity, calling for a trip to Tunisia. For lovers of archeology, Tunisia has kept magnificent amphitheaters, ancient buildings of the epochs of Phoenicians and Roman conquests. The most famous place in Tunisia, its business card is Carthage. Now Great Carthage is a suburb of the capital and along with ancient archaeological monuments here are the residence of the President of Tunisia and the local University.

The country is located in North Africa. It borders in the west with Algeria, in the east with Libya. People go to Tunisia to relax in a first-class spa, bargain in the oriental bazaar, ride a camel in the world's largest desert and, of course, have a wonderful time relaxing in hotels by the sea. Cinema and Tunisia are inextricably linked. American, French and Italian filmmakers were able to find wonderful and fantastic landscapes in Tunisia. Films such as Gladiator, Angelica and Sultan, The English Patient, Indiana Jones: In Search of the Lost Ark. Very fond of Tunisia George Lucas. Many episodes of "Star Wars" filmed just here and many of the scenery is still in excellent condition. For lovers of the saga, there is a special tour of the filming locations of Star Wars. George Lucas even named one of the main planets Tatooine in honor of the Tunisian city Tatauin.

Hommamet, Sousse, Monastir are the most popular resorts in Tunisia, they are well known and familiar to many travelers. Basically, they are visited by Europeans who love excursions, low prices and rest on the beach. In Tunisia, you can come at any time of the year. The Mediterranean climate is comfortable and well suited for family holidays. Here you can see a lot of youth companies and couples. Tunisia is also popular among fans of a healthy lifestyle. For those who care about themselves and the health of their bodies, there are many different and restorative procedures. In the centers of telassotherapy in modern Tunisia, you will be offered therapeutic massage, spa and physiotherapy. Procedures are based on treatment with sea water. More and more tourists come and come back here again. This contributes to a powerful and well-thought-out infrastructure of modern resorts in Tunisia.

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Tunis tours. Mosque in classical national style, Mahdia. Tunisia travel
Travel has always attracted people. Thanks to them, life is filled with adventures, interesting events and pleasant memories. Traveling has a positive effect not only on the emotions of a person, but also on his health in general. You are charged with positive emotions and impressions. In addition, the vitality increases. You, at last, manage to forget about the problems and matters that have long tormented you and have long bothered you. Traveling is the best vacation not only for your body, but also for the brain.

This country is amazing, something scary, but terribly attractive

"Desert Rose" is a beautiful souvenir that can only be found in North African countries. These are sand, salt and gypsum compressed by the wind, which form amusing flowers that look like flowers. For lovers of extreme Tunisia prepared a trip to the heart of the desert on camels and jeeps, for sweetmeats - fresh fruit, delicious bread and sweet dates, for sissies - a tender sea, and for travelers - green oases, ancient cities and kilometers of desert roads.

The western part of North Africa is called "Maghreb", which is translated from the Arabic as "west". So the Arabs called all the lands west of Egypt. The Maghreb region includes Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania. In the resort areas of Tunisia, many hotels, which literally dotted the entire coast. Those on the front line have a large area, a stretch of beach, a garden and swimming pools. Usually these are hotels of well-known international chains, but there are also local brands whose service is no worse.

Since Tunisia was ruled by the French until the middle of the 20th century, the locals communicate with each other in the Maghreb dialect of Arabic and in French. National Tunisian cuisine is very diverse, it combines the culinary traditions of the Mediterranean, the East and the Maghreb countries. International and local tourist networks in Tunisia own large hotels, with a huge selection of diverse services. Coated pools, sports sections, recreation clubs for children, wellness centers for telassotherapy, cafes and restaurants.

The main cuisine is Tunisian, but European, French, Italian and Oriental cuisines are also present here. You can choose from a traditional pub, pastry shops, cozy restaurants, or specialized oriental cafes with a unique atmosphere. Hotels in Tunisia, created by European international standards. The main style of the buildings is Eastern, but at the same time, it harmonizes with the modern panorama of the Mediterranean. Basically, hotels are located on the shores of the beaches, small souvenir shops, and small cozy cafes are huddled next to them.

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