Turkey hotel swimming pool. The best resorts on the coast

Traditionally the best resorts in Turkey for independent travel. Romance vacation packages.

Antalya - hotels, apartment hotels and resort hotels

On the coast, there are three main formats of housing. The first is the so-called beach hotels, which operate on an all-inclusive system. The peculiarity of beach hotels is their own private beaches and the availability of beach and entertainment infrastructure. The second type of housing is city hotels, which offer, in fact, accommodation services and tour services. Guests of city hotels are at the disposal of either city beaches or public beaches on the coast. And the third type is perhaps the most popular in Turkey - apartment hotels, which differ from hotels by the presence of kitchens in the rooms (that is, in fact, apartment complexes for rent), most of the apartment hotels have their own pools and minimal infrastructure (laundry facilities, kiosks, gyms etc).

Turkey, which has always played an important role in history, is now the center of the modern life of the whole region. Country Turkey is rich in sights and interesting places. These are the ancient ruins of Ephesus, Troy, the city of Istanbul and its wonderful mosques, fascinating bazaars, Turkish baths, the unique landscape of fabulous Cappadocia, the Panagia Sumela monastery and many other interesting places. But the main treasure of Turkey, which the world has given at the same time two seas, for millions of people are beaches.

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Turkey hotel swimming pool

The choice of a resort on the Turkey coast is an individual matter

Antalya is the capital of the Turkish Riviera and is undoubtedly the most popular resort in the region. Antalya's urban beaches - Konyaalti and Lara are among the best beaches in Turkey. In the Old Town of Antalya, the popular format of housing is boutique hotels in traditional Otaman houses, behind the walls of the Old Town in modern Antalya there are a lot of excellent hotels and apartments.

Farther from the city along the coast lies the resort of Antalya, with fashionable stylish resorts. Choosing options, pay attention to the fact that the coast of Antalya is mostly rocky, so most hotels do not have access to the caved beaches and make their own beaches in the form of pantones, descending to the sea.

Bodrum is a legendary resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey, which is famous for its nightlife and lots of entertainment. The city itself is beautiful - white houses, colorful streets, historical sights, a huge embankment, a lot of yachts, restaurants, clubs, SPA, a large city beach. Affordable housing formats - from fashionable hotels, apartments and villas to pretty small hotels and guesthouses.

On the Bodrum peninsula along the coast, resort hotels side by side with tiny villages, where you can find very nice villas, guest houses and small hotels, the beaches of the peninsula can be explored by renting a car or a motorbike. Around the peninsula - many islands, boat trips or yacht charter - a mandatory program point in Bodrum.

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