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Soul of the USA - Capitol in Washington

What the Capitol looks like, probably everyone knows

It is always shown in the news when it comes to the US government or the US president. One of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States is the Capitol in Washington. In the building of the Congress, or rather to call it the Capitol, you can absolutely freely get. It is open to both tourists and US citizens. In order to get into the building itself, you must first register on the site 3-4 days before your visit, choosing a date and time convenient for you. The visit is absolutely free. It is recommended to come early before the appointed time to look around and get a pass in the Visitor Center, which is quite easy to find.

The Capitol is located on a hill and is visible from many streets of Washington. This graceful at first glance, but a large-scale monument is located in the center and is a kind of heart of Washington.

The very history of the construction of this building makes us pay attention to this perfection of architecture. Capitol erected on Capitol Hill, as a symbol of freedom, democracy. In Rome, there is a hill with the same name where the building where the most important decisions were made is located, so the fact that the US authorities were allowed to give such a name to the hill and the building itself is memorable.

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U.S. Capitol Building
The capitol was commissioned by a French engineer, Charles Lanfant, who was very extravagant in his creations. However, he was trusted because he designed many buildings in Washington. It was originally planned that the building was intended specifically for the meeting and the work of senators and the House of Representatives, who are the face of the federal government.

The Washington Capitol is one of the main administrative, as well as stately buildings of America

This is a grand building where the Senate and the US House of Representatives sit. The famous dome of the Capitol from the inside impresses with its size and beauty. In this room for inspection there are several paintings depicting historical and extremely important moments for America. Pictures alternate with sculptures of former presidents and historical figures.

The style in which the Capitol is designed is very controversial, and many architects have worked on it for many years. Renovations are carried out to this day, and the building itself continues to cause a lot of delight, and for each is provided in different guises. The Empire style is very multifaceted: it is conservative, and at the same time makes it necessary to follow the look along these perfect lines.

At the entrance to the Capitol is a mandatory inspection of all incoming visitors. In addition to weapons, explosives and drugs, it is also categorically forbidden to carry any food or drink. The United States is the world leader in a variety of leisure activities: from the snowy slopes of the Rocky Mountains to the serene beaches of Hawaii, from the debauchery and vice of Las Vegas to the silence of the Grand Canyon.

You can travel around the USA all year round. In this country, everything is created and works for people. This tourist destination is chosen by tourists of all age categories and various incomes. On average, the flow of tourists to the United States is growing annually by 20-30%. A tourist visa in the US for the year is now quite simple to get, and tours are not as expensive as many people still think. You can always choose a holiday option suitable for any wallet in this country with unlimited possibilities for traveling.

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