Italy trekking. The village of Santa Maddalena Alta in Val di Funes in the Italian Dolomites. Italy tours

Family holidays in the Dolomites in Funes

The most beautiful village in the world is in the Dolomites: Santa Maddalena

Santa Maddalena is located in an incredibly picturesque place, in the valley of Val di Funes, at the foot of the Dolomites in Italy. The Val di Funes valley in the Dolomites is considered one of the most inconspicuous valleys of South Tyrol and fascinates tourists with its unspoiled nature. For little explorers, the crystal world in the museum of minerals is what you need. And those who prefer to be outdoors can sharpen their five senses in the Dolomiti Ranger in the natural park Poetz-Odle and decide for the first time to cross the road through forests and meadows - in the footsteps of Reinhold Messner.

Val Di Funes, Santa Maddalena is an amazingly beautiful place. There are few tourists and people in general. You can walk a few kilometers and not meet anyone. In the valley, where only about 2,500 people live, there are some famous sights, for example, a church in the village of Santa Maddalena. In this small church, built in 1394, is kept the miraculous image of Saint Maddalena. In addition, the legend of an extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner, now an honorary citizen of Funes, was born in the valley.

The name of the mountains comes from the surname of the French scientist Deod de Dolomieux. In the 18th century, he was the first to explore this alpine region and discovered that the mountains consist of limestone and another rock, previously unknown to the scientific community. This breed, first described by Dolomier, was subsequently named after the geologist, dolomite, and the mountains, respectively, the Dolomites.

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Italy trekking. The village of Santa Maddalena Alta in Val di Funes in the Italian Dolomites. Italy tours.
The lower tiers of the mountains of the Dolomites are covered with pine and deciduous forests: centuries-old pines, larches, fir, mighty oaks, birches, willows, ash, hornbeam, maples. However, most of the green cover of the Dolomites is mountain meadows.

Santa Maddalena is a small alpine village widely known in landscape photography circles

Val di Funes runs to the north approximately 24 km from the Chiusa commune to the Odle mountain range. The "Pale Mountains" belong to the UNESCO World Heritage and turn pink or copper-red depending on the time of day. Anyone who has ever seen this performance of nature will never forget it. The valley is beautiful at any time of the year and even in any weather, but still, on a sunny, clear day, the valley is especially good and the Dolomites are visible.

Numerous hiking trails in the mountain ranges make the hearts of nature lovers beat even faster. You do not need to climb the mountain to enjoy the breathtaking panorama. This is possible even during light walks in the Alpine meadows. For everyone there will be something different - from cozy walks through the valleys, exciting family hikes to challenging mountaineering tours. What about the bike ride?

To meet the most refined tastes in Funes you can meet national and modern dishes. From lard, alpine cheese to the meat of Tyrolean cattle of gray color - alpine meadows and restaurants in the valley is just enough in abundance. Nevertheless, the real highlight in the kitchen is first of all the homemade sheep lamb "Villnosser Brillenschaf" from the Funes valley, to which its own festival is dedicated each year.

The Dolomites are the mountainous heart of Italy. The picturesque mountain range, 150 kilometers long, is located in northeastern Italy. Its highest point is Marmolada, a mountain towering more than 3,300 meters above sea level. The other 18 peaks are slightly lower, but their height still exceeds 3000 meters. The Dolomites in Italy is a Tyrolean tale that even adults will believe in.

Of the representatives of the local fauna, one can most often meet marmots, mountain goats, chamois. The brown bear can meet especially "lucky" tourists, he likes to feast on trout, which lives in local mountain rivers. There is a lot of small fluffy living creatures: squirrels, martens, hares, ferrets. Eagles soar proudly above the mountains. The crowns of the trees were chosen by ravens, owls and woodpeckers, and partridges and wood grouses nest in the thick meadow grass. In the green alpine expanses, among a huge number of wildflowers in the summer you can observe no fewer butterflies.

Like all living organisms on our planet, plants are able to develop and "adapt" to changing environmental conditions. But global warming can destroy most of the plants in Europe and around the world. Scientists are now collecting genetic information regarding the most important plant species in order to make more accurate predictions about plant extinction. With such information in hand, it will be possible to understand which plant species are most at risk of extinction, and it will also be possible to develop tactics in order to avoid this.

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