Vanuatu diving vacation. Grouper Gutter. A diver swims through the gutter towards the large Gorgonian Sea Fans than nearly block the exit

The most popular types of recreation on the islands are diving, fishing, weddings and honeymoons

Vanuatu (this land forever) is a state in Melanesia in the Pacific Ocean, located on 83 islands of the New Hebrides archipelago. The capital is Port Vila

The Republic of Vanuatu consists of 83 islands scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean in Melanesia, and is known among divers around the world. Whether wonderful corals, large fish or historic sunken ships attract you to Vanuatu can offer everything to divers, ensuring unforgettable adventures. Huge grottoes and rock dumps, an abundance of marine life, magnificent bright coral gardens and sea fans, as well as world-famous wrecks contribute to Vanuatu's reputation as a great diving destination.

Tour to Vanuatu is an excellent diving, fishing in deep waters, spa treatments, and most importantly - great nature, beautiful sea and friendly "Vanuatz" with an interesting culture and lifestyle. If you are planning a wedding, you will have an unforgettable honeymoon in Vanuatu. Coastal areas are covered with mangrove thickets, and casuarinas, pandanuses, barringtonia, haritaki grow in littoral forests. The most valuable trees of Vanuatu are kauri and sandalwood.

Why does a man need diving? In the world of diving people leads a healthy curiosity, a love of beauty. And what could be more beautiful and mysterious underwater world? Thirst for the unknown, complete merging with nature, and just a healthy and active lifestyle. Although this is not all. The feeling of flying in weightlessness of the most ordinary person can get by learning to swim with an aqualung.

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Vanuatu diving vacation. Grouper Gutter. A diver swims through the gutter towards the large Gorgonian Sea Fans than nearly block the exit.

In the Pacific there are many beautiful islands and reserved coral atolls

There are so beautiful islands and archipelagoes that you can't call them anything other than heavenly lands. One of these Edens of Oceania is the amazing island group with the poetic name of Vanuatu, which is translated from the local dialect as the eternal land On some islands in the coastal areas, sea turtles lay eggs. Some of the islands (Ambae, Ambrim, Paama, Pentecost, Malekula) are inhabited by sharks, but the coastal waters are safe for swimming, since the islands border reefs.

Vanuatu is a paradise for the traveler and on land; this is the real land of discovery. You can enjoy delicious local cuisine and a warm welcome from the islanders. Whether you want to go in for active leisure, go on an excursion to Mount Yasur, go on horseback rides on idyllic shores, or simply enjoy the beautiful beaches - you will find everything in Vanuatu. On a tour of Vanuatu, you can visit the Million Dollar Point National Park. There are 106 protected areas and reserves on the archipelago (Loru, Vatthe on Espiritu Santo Island).

The crystal clear waters of the archipelago, the rich flora and fauna of this part of Oceania attract scuba divers from all over the world. But most experienced divers come to Vanuatu to dive to wrecks of the Second World War. Not far from Port Vila (the capital of the country) and Luganville (the second largest city) lie the remains of many of them. The most accessible are the military transport "President Coolidge", the cruiser "Tucker" and "Million Dollar Point".

In a sense, diving brings people closer to wildlife. Not many activities in the world give you this opportunity. Bird watchers can never fly with migratory flocks, but a diver can swim freely with shoals of a wide variety of fish. Diving gained real popularity only in the late 1960s. Animals under water do not know that a person can be dangerous. You can get to the shark much closer than you can get close to the lions on a safari. And it will be much less dangerous!

Algae globally occupy an insignificant part of the coastal territory, but in addition to filtering the water and providing shelter to the inhabitants of the seas, they make a great contribution to the binding of carbon contained in the air. Scientists have recently globally analyzed how much carbon from the air binds coastal seaweeds, and demonstrated that over 80 thousand tons of carbon per square kilometer of soil are bound and deposited into the soil annually. For comparison, for forests this figure is about 30 thousand, and they fix carbon mainly in the form of wood. Moreover, scientists found that algae, growing on only 0.2% of the ocean area, is responsible for 10% of carbon absorbed by marine life. According to the results obtained, algae thickets for hundreds of years lay 90% of the carbon absorbed by them from the air in the soil. The activity of algae in the Mediterranean region has led to the formation of carbon deposits, which go deep into the soil for many meters.

At the same time, algae thickets in the modern world are threatened with extinction. People have already destroyed almost a third of such thickets, mainly as a result of deterioration in water quality and excavation. Each year about 1.5% of the area occupied by algae is lost. According to researchers, the destruction of algae leads to an increase in the concentration of carbon in the air, corresponding to 25% of the increase in the amount of carbon due to deforestation. The main advantage of algae in comparison with long-growing forests is their ability to quickly form a huge green mass, which is able to effectively bind carbon. In addition to absorbing carbon from the air, algae does much more. They filter particles suspended in sea water, protect the coastal area from flooding and provide many organisms, in particular commercial fish, with a habitat. Based on these data, the researchers claim that the future of our planet depends on whether we can protect against destruction and restore coastal thickets of seaweed.

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