Vanuatu travel. The volcano eruption of Mt Yasur. Vanuatu vacations, South Pacific ocean

Yasur - the most friendly volcano on the planet

Volcano Yasur (island of Tanna), Vanuatu

In the south of the archipelago New Hebrides, on the island of Tanna, is located the volcano Yasur. The island of Tanna is formed from the remains of an extinct volcano more than 100 thousand years ago. Yasur Volcano is the youngest and most explosive volcano in the Vanuatu archipelago. Its height is 361 m above sea level. Volcanic eruptions are of the Strombolian type, the crater diameter is 400 m. The volcano is located within the Enkahe caldera, with a diameter of 4 km. Yasur is the only active volcanic cone of the island.

Volcanoes for Vanuatu are not uncommon. The island of Tanna is located directly in the zone of strong volcanic activity, because it is at these latitudes that the Australian and Pacific lithospheric plates collide. Tourists are constantly erupting volcano Yasur attracts the fact that it is easily accessible. Many tourists from different parts of the world come to admire this element.

The riot of the wayward giant, its obstinate character and proud majesty attract tourists wishing, despite the danger, to admire the mystical beauty of Yasur. Even the Tukoser volcano, many times larger than its fellow, is not so interesting to the guests of the island. After all, the forces have long since abandoned the centuries-old brat, and he sleeps peacefully, beginning with the Pleistocene epoch. So enthusiastic travelers give their hearts to eccentric Yasur - Tann's only active volcano, again and again reverently seeing sunrises on its slopes and admiring the sunsets.

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Vanuatu travel. The volcano eruption of Mt Yasur. Vanuatu vacations, South Pacific ocean.
Open-hearted planet. In the furnace, coke, ore, fluxes - all this melts, and in the end the heavy liquid metal flows down, and hardened slag foam remains above. In addition, gases are emitted, including water vapor. In exactly the same way, the metallic core of the Earth was formed, "flowing" toward the center of the planet. As a result of this "melting", a process known as mantle degassing began. The earth 4 billion years ago, when, as it is believed, life was born, it was distinguished by active volcanism, which can not be compared with the current one.

The molten iron core of our planet creates a magnetic field around the Earth that protects us from the high-energy particles emitted by the sun and coming to us from the depths of the Universe

The volcano shows constant Strombolian and volcanic activity since its discovery by James Cook in 1774. Since then, Yasur has been under constant surveillance. In 1964, he threw out a lava fountain 300 meters high, the fire geyser beat for about 10 days. In 1974, a jet of eruption rose to a height of 100 m. There was also a strong eruption in 1977, which left traces throughout the island.

Yasur is considered the most accessible volcano in the world for climbing, as well as the most friendly, despite frequent eruptions and constant activity. Welcome to Hell. Huge clouds of gas and ash soar upward and are blown away into the "ash valley". Gas clouds - blue, ash - gray-brown. Hot stones and lava are flying. Sometimes explosions are so powerful that rocks and lava soar high above your head.

At some point they freeze in the air, and after a moment, gradually picking up speed, they fall. Breaking away from such a spectacle is very difficult. The picture changes all the time. Dawn and sunset add a special drama. At night, the eruption seems most ambitious: first, a bright flash, then the sound of an explosion, the hundreds of bright lights soar upward, and the shock wave hits you in the chest.

The eruption is probably one of the most exciting natural phenomena on our Earth. Bright, disastrous, with the smell of sulfur and admixture of adrenaline. Such impressions will still burn for a long time in memory, like bright stars, and gradually cooling down over the years will be warmed by warmth brought from the very heart of our planet. About 1500 active volcanoes are located in different parts of our planet, and 50 of them erupt annually. The eruption of a volcano is a grandiose spectacle, which many aspire to capture. Photo and video of volcanic eruptions fascinate and frighten at the same time.

The flow of radiation and, accordingly, radiogenic heat from the bowels of the Earth was previously 10 times more powerful than in our time. As a result of tectonic processes and intense meteorite bombardment, the thin crust of the earth was constantly processed. Obviously, the Moon, which was located in a much closer orbit, also made its contribution, which massaged and heated our planet with its gravitational field. Most surprisingly, the intensity of the solar luminescence in those days was lower by about 30%.

If the Sun in our era began to shine at least 5% weaker, the Earth would instantly be covered with ice. But then our planet had much more of its own heat, and nothing even closely resembling glaciers on its surface was found. But there was a dense atmosphere that retained heat well. In its composition, it was of a reducing nature, that is, there was practically no unbound oxygen in it, but it included a significant amount of hydrogen, as well as greenhouse gases - water vapor, methane and carbon dioxide.

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