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This Cuban city is easy to describe in one word - the beach. Holiday ideas.

Varadero is located 133 km east of Havana. This place is intended for foreign tourists and has long been closed to the Cubans themselves

Wide beaches with white sand like sand and crystal clear water extend into Varadero for many kilometers. This is one of the most prosperous places in Cuba, it is clean, comfortable and smells of the sea everywhere. The 20 km of sandy beach, which is generously decorated with five-star hotels, villas (the most luxurious of the American millionaire Dupont, who made a fortune on the invention of nylon), discos and bars, have not left a trace in these parts of the world. Varadero, like a huge inflatable balloon, is growing every year and is becoming more and more popular among tourists. Every week, 50 airplanes unload Canadians alone at this resort - and this is only one tenth of those who want to sunbathe on the local sand.

Varadero belongs to the province of Matanzas and occupies the Ikakos peninsula, which is 135 km from Havana. It is inhabited by 27 thousand local residents. Despite the very low standard of living, people here live happily. Tourists here go swimming and basking in the sun, listening to the rhythms of salsa and playing golf, hanging out at discos and sipping rum. And, of course, breathe the air of Freedom.

As one of the last strongholds of communism on the planet, the country is of constant interest. While the rest of the world lives in the rapid pace of the digital era, Cuba is slowly moving its own way, and only a minority here has access to the Internet. In the dimly lit streets of cities, the dinosaurs of the automotive world, patched and tinted American cars of the 1940s and 1950s sneak awkwardly. In rural areas, ox-drawn carts, omnibuses, Chinese bicycles and rickshaws take the place of cars. The dwellings are furnished with furniture antiques inherited from their ancestors, and they are illuminated to save energy-saving light bulbs.

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Varadero Beach Bungalow

Photogenic beaches of Varadero deservedly enter the top of the best beaches of the Caribbean islands

The main package of entertainment at Varadero includes sea swims, walks along the beaches and drinking pina-coladas in tiny bars. And at the resort, absolutely everyone is obsessed with diving: there are at least two dozen schools, fifty instructors and countless interesting spots for diving, including a coral reef, which is partially surrounded by Varadero, as well as scuttled warships and airplanes.

The common name Varadero Beach is called 20 km of beaches that stretch endlessly along the Atlantic coast. It doesn't matter if the beach belongs to the hotel, or if it is wild and untouched - they are all free. The local beaches have long been recognized as one of the cleanest in the world. In addition, the coastal zone is rich in natural beauty - sea caves, fancy sand mounds and coral reef chains. The entrance to the water is shallow, the depth increases gradually.

Neither the collapse of the USSR, nor the departure of Fidel, nor, at last, the American sanctions failed to lead socialist Cuba astray. As well as fifty years ago, the Island of Freedom stubbornly continues to fight for communist ideals, however, after death, Comandante does this with less fanaticism. Yes, there is still no freedom of speech, but there is free medicine and education. Moreover, from year to year Cuba is visited by an increasing number of tourists, which can not but affect its appearance.

It is thanks to the money of travelers, that the unsightly city landscapes, which bear the imprint of the revolutionary past, finally began to give way to modern buildings, and the shelves of city shops began to slowly fill with "overseas" products. Today's Cuba is no longer just sugar cane, flowing rum and street salsa, but also a dynamically developing tourist infrastructure, almost Maldivian beaches, and amazing diving. Add to this the colonial past rich in architectural monuments, the almost limitless possibilities for ecotourism and the favorable tropical climate, and you can clearly imagine why in recent years Liberty Island has become one of the most trending routes for most Europeans.

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