Vatican tours, Rome vacations. View of St. Peter's Square from the top of the Vatican. Rome tours. Italy vacations. Beautiful day

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The navel of the Earth for Catholics around the world, one of the few city-states and the only country where the state language is Latin, the Vatican is located in the heart of Rome

Here you can climb the dome of St. Peter's and observe historic Rome from a bird's-eye view, take a walk through the famous Vatican Gardens, and see the Pope with your own eyes and even receive his blessing. A few hundred meters west of the city flows the Tiber River, on the opposite bank of which is located the historical center of Rome. One of the most hard to reach, but interesting places of the Vatican is the ancient Necropolis, located under the Cathedral of St. Peter, under the Vatican Grottoes, at the level of the floor of the oldest basilica, built in the IV century.

In the necropolis are preserved ancient frescoes of the early Christian period. And the main shrine and value of these "Vatican dungeons" is the tomb of St. Peter the Apostle. It was just above it that the basilica was built; it is the resting place of the apostle that is the spiritual center of the Vatican; it is above this tomb that the main altar of the cathedral is installed. To get to the tomb of St. Peter and the ancient Roman necropolis, you need a special advance booking.

In ancient times, the circus and the gardens of Nero were located on the territory of the Vatican, which bore the name Ager Vaticanus. In 1929, on the basis of the Lateran Agreements between the Catholic Church and the Italian State, the city in which the most valuable treasures of architecture and art, numbering several hundred inhabitants, are concentrated, became the independent state of the Vatican.

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Vatican tours, Rome vacations. View of St. Peter Square from the top of the Vatican. Rome tours. Italy vacations.
The pope, being the head of the Roman Catholic Church, has full legislative, executive and legal authority. Here are the famous Vatican museums, a magnificent complex, which includes: the Belvedere Palace, the Sistine Chapel, Raphael Stanzas, Apartaments Borja, the Library and many more special objects worthy of attention, whose collection is one of the most unique in Rome. Not far from the museums in the square, majestically towering over the Vatican, is the Cathedral of Sts. Petra is a place of pilgrimage for Christians around the world.

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There is no charge for entry into St. Peter's Cathedral, as well as for visiting the magnificent square in front of it. But to climb to the dome of the cathedral you must purchase a ticket. Most of the country-state is occupied by the Vatican Gardens, and to the west is the Tiber River, on its opposite bank is the Roman historical center. There are also Vatican territories in Rome and its suburbs, they include twenty-eight cathedrals - these are extra-territory territories. In the Vatican you can not go in clothes that do not cover the shoulders, knees, stomach.

The Vatican in Rome is a unique 'state in the state', the residence of the Pope of Rome and the center of the entire Catholic world. In addition, it is also a real cultural treasury, full of architectural, sculptural and scenic values, an amazing monument of history, and for Christians it is the center of the most important Christian relics. And although all this is located on a piece of land with an area of only 44 hectares, it is sometimes necessary to visit Rome and the Vatican several times to see all the beauties of this tiny state.

The official history of the Vatican is very stingy. We can say that it is practically absent, or it is hidden from us. There is a history of Roman popes from 43 AD. - from St. Peter. There is a story of great pontiffs from 712 BC. - from Numa Marcia. Both those and others have the same name of the high priest for two - Pontifex Maximus - the Great Pontiff. There is a history of the Papal States and the Avignon (very strange) captivity of popes.

There is a detailed history with construction dates and murals of the Cathedral of St. Peter, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Square, and the biographies of numerous artists, sculptors and architects of the Vatican. But there is no answer to the main question of the history of the papal throne: who and when laid the first stone in the construction of what we now call the "Vatican", which was originally a fortress.

Italy is an incredibly attractive country. She combined everything that vacationers love so much: a mild Mediterranean climate, a luxurious coast, ancient architecture, interesting museums and attractions, delicious cuisine, good shopping. Typically, tourists want to see everything at once, but do not turn your vacation into a race. Practice shows that on average one large city takes three days. Make a start from this: if you leave for a week, let it be two or three resorts, but you can explore them slowly, enjoying every minute!

Traveling in Italy does not begin with border crossing, but much earlier - with its planning. Your comfort and positive emotions during the trip depend on how correctly everything is organized. Which city to start with depends on what is in the priority: excursions, a trip along the coast, visiting Christian shrines or famous Italian boutiques. The recipe for an ideal route is simple: rely on your imagination, but do not forget about logic and common sense. The points should be located at a short distance from each other so that the road between them does not have to spend more time and effort than on the rest itself.

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