Veliky Novgorod, Russia. Novgorod-the-Great

Traditional wooden architecture of Russia

Every year there are more and more tourists traveling to the Russian North

A trip to the Russian North is always a pilgrimage. Even if you initially do not set spiritual goals, but as a tourist you go for sights and beautiful landscapes. You go on a journey by one person and by all means return to another. Somewhere, under the Polar Star, there seems to be a mysterious transformation, a transformation, the riddle of which is in vain to unravel the people of this century.

Traditional wooden architecture is a kind of hallmark of the northern regions of Russia. A hundred years ago, wooden buildings defined the appearance of northern cities and villages, now these are rare monuments of antiquity, much of which is in a very poor condition, which in a fairly short time threatens with irreparable loss of this ancient part of Russian culture. It can be said that the restoration of monuments of northern wooden architecture today is one of the most vital areas in the protection of the cultural heritage of Russia.

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Veliky Novgorod, Russia

In the Russian North everything is different: air, water, people, sounds, sky, light

Here the heart works otherwise. This can be compared with the feeling that you have when contemplating children's photos of your parents. This is a dive into the past, which you have never witnessed, but you know what it was. And these past years have been happy. In general, among enthusiasts there is an understanding of the value of historic buildings and the need to preserve them in their true form.

For many non-neglected monuments, small works are saving and really prolong their life. The possibilities of social movements are small. Restoration of large monuments - of course, the task of the state. But the strength of social initiatives is in the thoughtfulness of their actions, the well-balanced, rational use of funds.

Wild flowers, grass and nettle up to the waist, wooden houses (sometimes with platbands, sometimes without), embroidered bench hammers, Russian stoves, narrow-gauge railways, strict wooden - often abandoned - churches, punk dolls and children's horses cut from birch logs, lollipops cockerels that local bring for sale in prams, baths, off-road, endless forests. In the north, as noted by many, all of this "Russian" is perceived more sharply, shrill, perhaps because both nature itself and people here are without sentiment and without embellishment. Pure and harsh nature.

Which country can boast that in its territory you can find arctic deserts, tundra, taiga, forest-steppe and steppe, semi-desert and volcanoes? Of course, Russia. Unique lakes, the longest rivers in Europe, the highest peaks of Europe, the highest active volcanoes in the world, sea and ski resorts, healing mineral springs, ancient towns lost in the forests, vast forests openly attract tourists from all over the world. In Russia, everyone can find a place and climate to taste.

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