Venice Rememberance. The most beautiful cities in Italy

The most beautiful city in Italy is where you have not yet been

Which cities in Italy are the most beautiful - everyone decides on their own, based on personal tastes

And yet, some places will leave an indelible impression on all who visited them. Venice - this city on the water is very fond of tourists, so it's worth visiting in the offseason, then crowds of gazing visitors do not interfere with enjoying the atmosphere of this unique corner. Many travelers believe that Venice is the most beautiful city in Italy. This place is like fabulous theatrical scenery.

Here are kept the secrets of many generations. Naples is a case where the frame is prettier than the picture: the beauty of Naples is not conceived without the surrounding nature. Picturesqueness of this corner of the "Italian boot" is given by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the towering volcano Vesuvius. The coast of the Gulf of Naples is so beautiful that it gave rise to a lot of legends and proverbs.

One of the stories tells that it was here that the sirens lured Odysseus and his companions with their voices. And the expression "to see and die" initially referred not to Paris, but to Naples. No wonder the locals praised the beauty of the coast in the famous "Santa Lucia". However, according to many tourists, the list of the most beautiful cities in Italy is headed by the capital of a southern country. Here, every stone breathes history.

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Venice Rememberance
The greatness of Rome emphasizes the business card of the capital - the Colosseum. The Flavian Amphitheater still strikes with its beauty today. Power and strength come from the symbol of imperial power. Enjoy the magic of light effects can be in the "Temple of All Gods." In the center of the grand dome is the famous "Eye of the Pantheon." It seems that the temple is the center of the whole world, because there are no other sources of light. There are so many sights in Rome that several years are not enough for their inspection. It will be a real time travel. The eternal city connected centuries-old culture and modernity.

It is very difficult to select the most attractive places

Perugia, this colorful and populous city pleases with sunny weather and scenic views. Perugia is built in mountainous terrain and from afar is similar to the steps of a huge staircase. Natural viewing platforms created by nature. From the large terrace of the covered market offers a stunning view of the lower quarters, in which life is in full swing. Local streets and arches inspired the great Goethe. The sun city is bathed in jets of the medieval fountain Maggiore. The Great Fountain is considered the most beautiful in Italy.

Only a few people know the secret of the charms of Pisa. All the magic of the city opens to travelers in the early rainy morning. The streets are deserted and deserted. The marble laces of the cathedrals are woven into gothic and romance motifs. The Piazza dei Cavalieri Square, washed by rain, quietly and solemnly welcomes tourists. This place is guarded by the Palace of the Knights - Palazzo della Carovana. The yellow marble of the church of San Michele in Borgo tells the story of the ancient history of Pisa.

Another city of the Apennine Peninsula, Bologna, is famous for its falling towers. In the 13th century there were about 200 high-rises here. Every rich family built a tower according to the principle: the higher, the more prestigious. Today there are about 20 of these sights left. Tourists can climb up Garizenda and Azinelli and feel the pleasant coolness of freedom. Above there is a view of the red carpet from the roofs, so the "city of towers" is called the "Bologna red". This city is fascinating with ancient beauty. Here is the oldest university in Europe. This city is inspired by youth. About half a million inhabitants of Bologna are students.

City of Palaces Genoa amazes with luxury and magnificence of medieval buildings. Genoa is called the capital of European culture. More than 40 buildings are protected as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The well-preserved medieval city center is the largest in Europe. The luxurious interiors of the White, Red, Royal and other palaces lead to the admiration of tourists. Even the Church of St. Peter is more like a rich mansion, which inside is filled with the soft light of white marble. The central street, Via Garibaldi, is considered the most beautiful road in Europe. The charm and charm of the city gives the atmosphere of the old seaport.

As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Before you get to Italy, it does not hurt to learn a few unspoken rules regarding meals. So, the Italian breakfast is the easiest reception, but lunch and dinner are dense, unhurried and consist of several dishes that follow each other in strict order. Fruits, even apples, are eaten peeled. The pasta is eaten hot, immediately after serving, and without bread. If you were served pasta at a party, you need to immediately start tasting, otherwise you can offend the hosts - it is believed that with every minute its taste is reduced. Pizza can be combined with beer, but never with wine!

Entertainment is the main pastime of tourists, so plan them properly! You can do almost anything in Italy: have fun in one of the water parks, fly a paraglider or a balloon, go scuba diving, surf, ski, climb the top of the volcano, relax in the botanical gardens... But the main thing is sightseeing and hiking in the famous museums. Each traveler includes them in his schedule. Tickets to major museums and galleries can be booked in advance via the Internet. Do not neglect this opportunity! Sometimes at the box office there is such a queue that it is easier to completely refuse to visit than to spend so much time buying tickets, which at the last moment may still not be enough.

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