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Venice (Venezia (Italian)) is the capital of the province of the same name, located in the eastern part of Northern Italy in the Adriatic Sea

Together with other major cities (Milan, Bologna and Turin) lies on the Padansky plain formed on the place of the sea bay between the Alps and the Apennines. Gradually it was filled with sand and pebbles. In this harsh swampy area, Venice was born. At the time of Charlemagne, the Venetian merchants were already widely known not only in the lands of the Franks, but also in the countries of the East: they delivered from there purple silk fabrics and other valuable goods.

Venice became famous for its canals, through which 400 bridges were transferred. The gondolas are quietly gliding along the "water streets". It seems that the light whisper of lovers is heard. The largest "water street" - the Grand Canal - is framed by the facades of the marble palaces. Time itself flows between these buildings. Having reached the Cathedral of St. Mark, you can see the most beautiful square in the world. This is Piazza San Marco.

Italy is one of the most visually recognizable countries on the world map (its outlines are in some way reminiscent of a boot). It is considered one of the most historically famous and very popular among tourists and travelers of countries, because it is ideal for informative and entertaining holidays. Every year more than fifty million tourists visit Italy. The uniqueness of the country lies in the fact that any visitor has the opportunity to choose his favorite place and occupation.

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Italy vacations. Rialto bridge with water taxi. Venice tours. Italy travel.

Rialto Bridge is a paradise for romantics and connoisseurs of jewelry

The Rialto Bridge was originally built of wood in 1181 and was the only bridge between the banks of the Grande Canal. After repeated restoration and complete destruction in 1524, it was decided to build a new stone bridge. It has survived to our days in its original form. On the Rialto Bridge there are jewelry shops with a huge selection of jewelry made of precious metals and stones, as well as a variety of Murano glass products. The originality of the design, the beauty of the bas-reliefs make the Rialto Bridge an easily recognizable symbol of Venice.

Rialto Bridge can be safely called one of the symbols of Venice. Perhaps it is on this bridge that the largest number of tourists gather. The fact is that this is the very first and oldest bridge across the Venetian Grand Canal. In addition, it is located in the narrowest part of this famous channel. Next to the Rialto Bridge are the most interesting sights of the city - the Rialto Market and the Church of San Giacomo di Rialto.

Authentic Venice In every city of the world there is a place in which all the local flavor is concentrated - in Venice it is the Realto Bridge. The fact that this is a very old structure, in the design of which Michelangelo participated, of course, is important. But what is important is that there has always been a fish and fruit market in this place, and this says a lot. The bridge itself is not so architecturally remarkable. But the aura that surrounds it is definitely in the air - it seems that you can even touch it. The sounds, the smell, the view from the bridge and in general everything that happens there creates a special mood - you feel that you have come at least a couple of centuries ago - although the majority of people are tourists. However. as elsewhere in Venice.

Venice is increasingly immersed in the surrounding water space. According to forecasts, it will become uninhabitable in 2028. If you have not yet been to this amazing city, then it is worth making a trip to Venice in the plan of your next trips in order to have time to see this unique architectural wonder on the water. This sunny country amazingly combines the magic of architecture with the picturesque nature. Every corner, every village will open its charm to travelers.

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