Waikiki Beach Hotels. Hawaii travel

Travel to Honolulu to Hawaii. Oahu Island and Waikiki Beach

Oahu Island, a member of the Hawaiian Islands, was born many millions of years ago

From the lava of volcanoes and ashes he rose from the waters of the ocean, and then the lava turned into a beautiful sand, the reef grew around and the magic waves kindly watch over it from all sides. Like the volcanoes that gave birth to it, Oahu took the form of a funnel. It is surrounded by mountains off the coast, and in the center is its plain. This is the cauldron that gives birth to dreams. Everywhere in the city of Honolulu you will be accompanied by the gentle smell of plumeria, a beautiful white flower, a symbol of Hawaiian islands.

Waikiki is not just a beach. These are streets and shopping centers, restaurants and shops, souvenir shops and exhibitions. Waikiki has it all. Do you want to learn how to dance Hawaiian hula dance? Waikiki will teach you. Do you want to taste the best dishes of local cuisine? Waikiki has the best restaurants. In addition to budget hostels and first-class hotels in Honolulu is full of shopping centers and fashion boutiques. Even if you are a budget tourist, you will not get lost in Hawaii.

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Waikiki Beach Hotels. Hawaii travel

Waikiki from the ocean looks like a crowd of hotels. The building is so dense that it seems that the hotels have risen a little sideways so that everyone could be the first-line hotels

Do you need a wedding photo shoot? Waikiki has the best views for this. Are you interested in surfing lessons? There are schools on Waikiki. Do you want to light all night in the club? And this is on Waikiki. Do you like shopping? Waikiki has something to offer you in this case too. All this does not interest you at all and you want the sun and the ocean? And this, too, will find on Waikiki.

Because Waikiki is not just the name of a point on the Honolulu map. Waikiki is a way of life, a symbol of a dream come true, a synonym for happiness and good rest. Hawaiian sunsets are beautiful to the extreme and gather amateur crowd from all over the world at the appointed hour. The ancient islanders respected and revered the ocean with all its secrets, fish and water, because their life depended on it.

The ocean has been carefully studied, currents and tides have been investigated, and fishing, water travel and surfing have been planned very carefully. Surfing was not only fun, but it required a lot of skills, endurance, flexibility and a sense of balance. Any Hawaiian who mastered the skill of riding on the board and other ocean wisdom, was highly esteemed by his fellow tribesmen.

Waikiki falls asleep very late, closing his eyes tired for a long day and lulled by the sound of the surf. And you will lie in your room and once again listen to the eternal tales of the vast ocean. He will talk about islands and palm trees, nimble boats and storied Polynesians. Ocean will tell you the secrets of the Hawaiian Islands and ancient legends that outlive their creator. And his regular mumbling will color your dreams with bright pictures of unseen islands. All night the ocean turns, taking a deep breath. He wants to tell so much.

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