Waikiki beach surfing. Nice girl with surf board. Waikiki Hawaii surfing

Hawaii is a surfer mecca. Top-notch adventure vacations you can afford.

Every self-respecting surfer tries at least once in his life to make a "pilgrimage" to the homeland of this wonderful water sport, to Waikiki

Who among the surfers, seeking to catch the biggest wave, did not dream of riding the famous North Shore? Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline, Haleiva - all these stunning beaches attract thousands of amateur surfers and professionals every year. Hawaii is a paradise for surfers; the place where the highest and dangerous waves are born. Waikiki Beach is known and loved by everyone. Perhaps this is the most famous beach in Hawaii. But, of course, this is not the only place to rest on Oahu. Volcanic beaches, incredible in their beauty, are waiting for everyone who is ready to admire them.

Waikiki. The most famous beach in Hawaii. 2.5 km of pure sand and warm waves of the Pacific Ocean. Bright sun and pleasant breeze. A huge number of people and the crater of the Diamond Head volcano as background. Most famous surfing spots have nicknames that you will never find on a regular map. We advise you to ask the locals about what place is right for you this season. Popular surfing spots on Oahu are: Velzyland, Backyards, Gas Chambers, Backdoor, Pupukea, Log Cabins, Leftovers, Chun's Reef, Laniakea, Silver Channel, Avalanche, Kaena Point and Walls.

Sport is life. Physical activity is necessary not only for the health of the body, but also for the health of the brain. But do regular sports help lose weight? If weight loss, at the most basic level, depends on the number of calories consumed, it is reasonable to assume that burning calories in the gym alone will lead to weight loss. But how are things really? Researchers believe that spending time in the gym does not really help you lose weight.

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Waikiki beach surfing. Nice girl with surf board. Waikiki Hawaii surfing
It is proper nutrition that is your way to lose weight. As a rule, people can lose much more extra pounds by limiting calorie intake, rather than just doing exercise. Calorie expenditure during a normal workout routine - 30 minutes a day on most days of the week - does not result in significant weight loss. You should not expect much from sports alone if you have not revised your eating habits.

It was here that the art of conquering waves originated. Waikiki waves are perfect for longboards

How many surfers would not start - there is enough space for everyone. Waves on Waikiki are very long, all are evenly distributed along the beach and no one interferes with anyone. At the same time, both newbies and experienced surfers, and kids, and their grandfathers are surfing. The southern coast of Oahu is ideal for beginners - on Waikiki you can rent all the necessary equipment and take a few lessons, since the waves here are not very big.

Hawaiians, hundreds of years ago, were already engaged in what the rest of the world began to rave about only from the middle of the twentieth century. The huge waves that are born in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean are spreading towards the islands and attract many people with their appearance. Be careful: huge waves - only for experienced surfers. Surfing is one of the most dangerous sports, and even the best rider can fall victim to the unpredictable behavior of the ocean.

Hawaii, living witnesses of the creative history of the planet, is an extraordinary place that must be visited without fail. Not for a beach holiday, not for the famous beach party. And to see the healing hula dance, which tells the story of the planet no worse than any textbook, and for the sake of nature, still as a capricious child, she violently dissolves her motley flowers among the playful ocean.

"Hawaii is the most charming flotilla of islands that anchored in the middle of the ocean" - these words belong to the famous American writer Mark Twain. It's hard not to agree, because Hawaii is an indescribable play of colors, fragrant leis, an amazing dance "hula", May Tai and Pin Colada to the sounds of guitar strings, serenity and harmony.

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