West Africa Diving. Another reality: a trip to West Africa

Africa attracts tourists eager for adventure, with its beautiful views, dense forests and crystal blue waters

Unexplored land and sea depths of Africa offer travelers a lot of new things, but West Africa can not boast an abundance of wildlife

In West Africa, travelers look at people whose way of life has not changed for centuries. They do not know what the seasons and birthdays are; they perform sacrifices and worship Voodoo. There is something eternal in their way of life that retains its original nature. Time has stopped here. Such was the Earth long before man had ennobled it. Voodoo religion is practiced by the majority of the population. But this does not prevent them from going to Christian churches.

50 million years ago, the dugongs (judging by the fossil remains found) had 4 full-fledged limbs that allowed them to easily move by land. Nevertheless, the animals spent most of their lives in the sea, but over time they adapted to underwater existence so much that they completely lost their ability to land movements. Dugong with the status of "vulnerable species" is listed in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Diving is a great opportunity to look at an unusual area of life for a person - the world under water. You can not imagine how many unmatched creatures are hidden from us under the water. And plunging at least to a depth of a couple of meters, you have the opportunity to look at all this magnificence. And besides, the guides are trying to bring tourists to the most luxurious places to contemplate in order to inspire in you a desire to re-dive.

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West Africa Diving
Every year the number of divers - both professionals and just amateurs continues to increase. The growing statistics is completely unsurprising, because diving is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a useful sport that improves human health.

Dugong dugon belongs to the order of sirens, being today the only representative of the dugong lineage. In addition, the dugong is named the only herbivorous mammal living only in sea water

At the medieval Japanese fairs, this inhabitant of the sea depths were given off as a mermaid, given the ignorance of the commoners. Africa attracts tourists with its beautiful landscapes, unusual flora and fauna. Many sailors from the Arabian Dow sailboats in the Indian Ocean believe in mermaids. Their teams are still repeating the legend that Allah somehow found two lovers in a canoe and turned them into sirens as punishment. Sailors have mentioned meetings with mermaids thousands of years ago.

When you leave the hotel, immersed in utter darkness, you see the sky of Africa, all covered with huge stars. And only powerful ocean waves break the realm of silence. Africa can beckon and attract to itself, as it can frighten and repel, but it leaves no one indifferent. Yellow fever is a very dangerous disease, it is transmitted through mosquito bites and is fatal. Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory for entry into virtually any African country.

Even with repeated experience of diving to great depths, it is important not to exceed your limits and to remember about safety. Occupation by diving is always associated with a certain risk, which can be avoided only in one case - if the implementation of the dive instructions will always come first. Understanding diving at the proper level is only possible if you first use the services of a professional instructor. Like no one else, the trainer understands that safety is the key to pleasant diving, therefore, he will certainly devote you to all the nuances of a delicate matter.

Diving in Africa is possible throughout the year. The capital of diving in Africa is Durban, known for its warm waters, coral reefs and massive migrations of whale sharks in the summer. Shark swimming is especially popular in the resort of Shelly Beach at the end of August. Visiting Kenya, you can combine diving with underwater fishing. Grouper, dolphins and Napoleon wrasses are found here. In the period from January to March, visibility exceeds 20 m. Madagascar is known for an abundance of clown fish, octopus and parrot fish, visibility there is 30 m. On the island of Mauritius, visibility from September to March is about 20 m. - proteins, white-footed, tiger and gray sharks, as well as triggerboards.

Recently, scientists discovered a very unusual fish in the Gulf of Africa. In a deep study of the Gulf of Africa, scientists discovered a fish that can go into sleep for a five-year period. This unusual feature is complemented by the ability of fish to do without food. Discovered by scientists, the catfish tooth goes into a state of deep sleep for several years, living without food for many months. The whole period of deep sleep, this fish does not eat anything. Moreover, it is practically immovable. In the near future, scientists plan to take blood samples for hemoglobin analysis, in order to more accurately determine the internal indicators of the fish, including pressure, metabolism and other important components.

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