White Frigate on Neva River. Brilliant St. Petersburg

Unforgettable days on the banks of the Neva

Most readily tourists come to St. Petersburg in the summer

It is quite simple to explain: only in the warm season Petersburg can invite its guests to the Summer Garden. In addition, during this period the city looks very majestic, and you can admire it endlessly. And only in the summer St. Petersburg will offer its tourists a water route. One of the reasons to go on a trip to St. Petersburg is the famous white nights. At the end of May, the brightest time of the year comes, and tourists fill St. Petersburg streets and squares. May 27, St. Petersburg celebrates the Day of the city and this date is considered the official opening of the time of the white nights.

On April 29, 1706, a significant event took place - the first ship was launched from the Admiralty Shipyard Fortress. Launching the ship here every time was a holiday, accompanied by gunfire, salute and shouts of "Hurray." During the reign of Peter I, 262 warships were launched from the Admiralty Shipyard.

The cultural capital of Russia, northern Venice, the brainchild of Peter - this is how St. Petersburg is often called, the second largest city of Russia with a population of 4.8 million people. Few cities in the world can boast so many attractions, museum collections, opera and drama theaters, manors and palaces, parks and monuments. The literary and musical heritage of Peter is no less outstanding - the number of writers, poets and composers who inspired the misty shores of writers and poets and composers who inspired them on their own shocked even the most courageous imagination.

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White Frigate on Neva River
Along with Paris, Rome and Venice, St. Petersburg is included in the UNESCO List as a city in which the entire historical center is taken under patronage. Among other things, there are temples of 42 denominations, including an amazing mosque with a porcelain dome, a Buddhist monastery and one of the most beautiful chapels of the Maltese Order. St. Petersburg is the "city of bridges". 68 rivers, canals and channels cross the city in different directions, forming 42 islands on its territory. Now in St. Petersburg and the suburbs, there are 580 bridges, including 20 adjustable bridges.

A trip to St. Petersburg in the warm season certainly includes river excursions

This city is decorated with many canals and rivers. St. Petersburg, like Venice, literally born out of the water. Like Venice, St. Petersburg attracts tourists with its unique beauty and rich history. River trips from St. Petersburg are an opportunity to see the unique beauty of nature and the architectural richness of the cities selected as part of the tourist project "Silver Necklace of Russia".

You can visit the fabulous Karelia, go on a tour of Nizhny Novgorod and other cities. St. Petersburg among the cities of Russia occupies a special place. Growing up literally in the middle of the marshes, this city played a special role in the history of the state, becoming first a "window to Europe" and then "the cradle of three revolutions".

However, this is not why we want to come back here again and again. Despite the often overcast weather and the gloomy sky above your head, you fall in love with Petersburg immediately and irrevocably. Straight streets and spacious squares, rivers and canals, bridges and embankments, lush baroque palaces, strict buildings in the style of classicism and the famous courtyards wells, gardens and parks with ornate fences create a unique look of the northern capital and remain in memory forever.

The number of fans of eco-tourism in Russia is growing every year. This type of tourism returns people tired from the cities of strength and energy while communicating with nature and observing it. In addition, it stimulates the preservation of the environment, making this kind of tourism beneficial for local residents. There are 41 national parks and 103 reserves in Russia. The UNESCO World Heritage List includes five Russian natural sites: virgin Komi forests, Lake Baikal, Kamchatka volcanoes, the golden Altai Mountains, the Western Caucasus. Great opportunities are opening up for ecotourism in northwest Russia - in Karelia, the Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions. Karelia is often called the "lungs of Europe.".

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