Australia travel. Whiteheaven beach in Whitsunday Island. Australia vacation

Whitehaven Beach is one of the best beaches in Australia. Holiday ideas.

Whitehaven Beach on the Australian Whitsunday Island is seven kilometers of perfectly white sand that vacationers love so much

More than half a million travelers arrive on the islands every year. There are no hotels on the island, since construction is prohibited here. Most tourists come to white paradise for one day - enjoy the beauty of nature, relax, meditate, gain strength and vivid impressions. The sand here is 98% pure silica, which gives it a snow-white color. Its fraction is smaller than that of ordinary sand, which consists of various minerals. Due to this white sand is softer and velvety. Vacationers can also go on a boat trip to distant islands, or fly by plane to admire the archipelago from a height, or go scuba diving to the seabed to enjoy the bright underwater world.

There are many campsites directly on Whitsunday Island where you can spend the night in a tent. In addition to the usual beach holiday here you can dive perfectly. The water is transparent, like a clear glass, which makes it possible to consider the underwater inhabitants as well as possible. The latter, by the way, also chose Whitesunday Island, and quite often you can see dolphins playing off the coast. Most of the islands are Whitsunday Islands National Park. The climate on Whitsunday is subtropical with warm winters. The weather is always beautiful here.

In addition to the usual beach holiday here you can dive perfectly. The water is transparent, like a clear glass, which makes it possible to see the underwater inhabitants as well as possible. The latter, by the way, have also chosen the Whitesunday Island, and quite often you can see dolphins playing off the coast. The island also has several campgrounds and anchorage.

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Australia travel. Whiteheaven beach in Whitsunday Island. Australia vacation.
On Whitehaven Beach you can relax at any time of the year. Best white sand beaches in the world. Here you can not smoke and bring dogs with you, because it can spoil the surrounding beauty. Whitehaven Beach in Australia can be reached by boat from the ports of Shute Harbor and Airlie Beach. From the neighboring island of Hamilton, you can also get on the seaplane, ordering a separate sightseeing tour. By the way, this is a great way to view the neighborhood from a bird's eye view. At the north end of Whitehaven Beach there is a bay where, at high tide, white sand and azure water are connected, creating unforgettable pictures.

Whitehaven Beach is 7 km of indescribable beauty, clear water the color of sea waves and white sand

In each of us laid the desire for beauty. And let the concept of beauty in itself is subjective, but there are such inexorable moments when there can be no talk of any personal perception. When planning a trip to Australia, get ready for the fact that this "beautiful" will meet you more than once, you just have to let go of all the conventions and look around yourself. Amazing waterfalls, fabulous landscapes, amazing nature.

And in Australia there is a place where it just takes away speech from the striking and natural beauty of nature - this is Whitehaven Beach. The beach is located on the island of Whitsunday off the east coast of Australia. The Whitsunday Islands is a group of 74 islands that lie off the coast of Queensland and form part of the Great Barrier Reef.

These islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. Most of them have national parks, and the main lure for travelers here is access to coral reefs for snorkeling and diving, virgin beaches and clean aquamarine warm water. The archipelago is part of the volcanic mainland. Every year, Whitehaven Beach is becoming increasingly popular and many travelers from all over the world dream of getting here.

In Australia, fire hazard indices have been rising in recent decades in parallel with rising temperatures on land and at sea. In particular, the Forest Fire Danger Index (FFDI), annually measured, taking into account drought, the last rainfall, air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed, has increased in Eastern and Southern Australia. The season of increased fire hazard has become longer, and the level of threat has increased.

After the emergence of unusually difficult conditions, against which fires broke out in Victoria on Black Thursday in February 2009, a new "catastrophic" fire hazard scale was developed, corresponding to FFDI indicators of 100 and above. September 6 last year - just a week after the end of winter - large fires swept the bush throughout Queensland and New South Wales. In the worst-affected areas, FFDI was higher that day than ever at such an early time in the history of observations since 1950. An incredible FFDI value of 174 was recorded at the Mururundi Pass (Hunter Region, New South Wales).

In the past Australia had to deal only with the effects of climate fluctuations. But today, the weather and climate systems of the continent are changing under the influence of human activity. Climate change makes extreme events even more extreme, leading to unprecedented conditions that threaten to change the country's history. Recent forecasts issued by the Australian Association for Scientific and Applied Research (CSIRO) and the Meteorological Bureau confirm their previous warnings in 2015 that Australia will have to face even higher fire risks in the future. It will take time to study the impact of each climatic factor on the occurrence of forest fires 2019-2020. However, one thing is clear right now: if there is no global reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the temperature on the planet will continue to rise, which means there will be a risk that catastrophic forest fires will become "the new norm" for Australia.

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