Wooden church. Suzdal, Vladimir region, Russia

Museum of wooden architecture

Museum of wooden architecture and peasant life in Suzdal

Tourists love the wooden architecture museums. In such museums, buildings are preserved, which are less and less common in villages of Russia. You can look inside the houses and temples, barns and baths, see how people lived in Russia. One of the most interesting, though small in size, is the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life in Suzdal. It is located almost opposite the Suzdal Kremlin, on the opposite bank of the Kamenka river. In the Suzdal Museum is almost always crowded, so that when inspecting it is necessary to constantly keep track of where it is currently free.

In 1969, Valery Anisimov, an employee of the Vladimir restoration workshop, founded a museum on the site of the former Dmitrievsky monastery. More than 60 settlements of the Vladimir region were examined, 38 buildings were revealed, of which 11 were recommended for transportation to the museum, and the rest were preserved on the spot. Suzdal Museum of wooden architecture and peasant life is small, but very well maintained.

Place for the Museum of wooden architecture was not chosen by chance. In the XI century, the monks of the Kiev-Pechersk Monastery founded the Dmitrievsky Caves Monastery here, which became one of the oldest in the north-east of Russia. In 1764 it was closed, the Dmitrievskaya church was converted into a parish church. In 1773, it was dismantled for dilapidation and a new stone summer temple was erected. In 1812, a brick bell tower was attached to it. Near it was the "warm" St. George's Church built in 1751. In 1813, a fence was built around the churches.

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Wooden church
Suzdal is the city of the golden ring of Russia. The Golden Ring of Russia is a tourist route that reveals the beauty of ancient Russia, which was developed for those who want to get acquainted with this great country. This is a real encyclopedia of architectural values. Tours of the Golden Ring include travel to eight main cities: Vladimir, Suzdal, Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo. Today itineraries often include cities and towns that are not included in the traditional route, but no less attractive for tourists. They will tell about the rich and interesting history of the largest power in the world, about ancient art, crafts, numerous temples and monasteries of Great Russia.

Nikolskaya Church from the village of Glotovo, Yuryev-Polsky District, is located on the territory of the Suzdal Kremlin

The wooden St. Nicholas Church (1766) was transferred to the Kremlin from Glotovo Yuryev-Polsky district. It is placed between the bishops' chambers and the Earthen embankment, in the place of another wooden church, burnt down in the 17th century. The village of Glotovo is famous for the birth of Mikhail Romanov, the founder of the royal dynasty of the Romanovs.

True, this is not confirmed by anything except oral traditions. With the transfer of the church of Nikola from Glotov to Suzdal, a significant milestone in the museum's history of the city is connected - this started the creation of a museum of wooden architecture, now one of the most interesting sights of Suzdal.

The wooden church is a rare preserved specimen of temples, which are similar in construction to a wooden hut. It consists of two log cabins, "cages" of different sizes; the main blockhouse is raised on the basement, the second block is adjacent to it, lower, playing the role of the refectory. Almost the same height as the central log house, the faceted apse is adjacent to it on the east side.

An open gallery encircles the temple on three sides. A slender golden church looks very organic in the general ensemble of the Kremlin, and one can only be glad that it was not transferred to the territory of the museum of wooden architecture. Creative ideas to make your travel memories last forever. Travel to Russia.

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