Wooden windmill. Green energy

Green energy: dreams and reality

Green energy is also called renewable or regenerative

Sources of green energy by historical standards are considered inexhaustible. The essence of this method is to obtain energy from processes that are constantly occurring in nature and then apply it in the technical field. The main problem of currently traditional resources is their limited number. And since the appetites of mankind with respect to energy are constantly growing exponentially, in the near future, according to many scientists, the world may face an energy crisis.

Wind power. In this case, the energy required for agriculture and industry is extracted by transforming the kinetic potential of air masses. To implement this process requires the installation of a special wind mill. Its power depends on the total area of the blades, as well as to a lesser extent on the height of the structure. Most often, these units are installed in the coastal zone, which is considered the most promising in this area. Windmills practically do not require conventional fuel for their work.

One of the main trends of the modern world is an active shift in the energy consumption that is growing day by day towards the use of alternative energy sources. Green energy, which uses inexhaustible reserves of solar, wind, river energy, geothermal energy and thermal energy of constantly reproducible biomass, today has become the subject of discussion of all important international political meetings and forums.

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Wooden windmill

The energy problem today is one of the most pressing for all of humanity

The main advantage of absolutely all alternative energy sources is their environmental friendliness. In other words, during the operation of such stations there are no harmful emissions into the surrounding atmosphere. Even an accident at a wind, solar or any other alternative power plant will only lead to material losses for its owners, but will not cause global environmental disaster, as can happen, for example, with nuclear power plants. It should also be noted that the installation of most types of stations does not harm the surrounding landscape.

If we talk about wind power plants, they occupy minimal areas and can even be combined with some other types of economic activity. Another indisputable plus of alternative energy sources is their inexhaustibility. That is, the installation of any station will be guaranteed to provide the necessary amount of electricity here or other territory for an unlimited time. There is also the possibility of installing a low power station. It can provide energy for small villages or even private households.

Every year, green energy provides an increasing part of the energy needs of the world's leading economies. Wind, solar energy and biofuel production are the fastest growing branches of the modern industry, for the development of which the entire scientific and technical potential of the leading countries of the world is thrown.

It is no secret that due to the high cost of renewable energy, their rapid development in the leading countries of the world in the last decade has become possible only thanks to financial support from the states. Currently, in world practice there are several mechanisms to support electricity generation projects based on renewable energy. Two of them are the most popular: green tariffs and green certificates.

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