Xian city, China. Xian is one of the main centers of attraction for tourists in China

History trips - a day in the middle ages. The city of Xian is the first of the four ancient capitals of China.

Xian City is the capital of Shaanxi Province. Immaculately restored and all the same powerful ancient city walls stand in the very center of Xian. There are 13 tourist bus routes in Xian, these are lines connecting the most popular points of the city

The city wall with more than 600 years of history was built during the Ming dynasty and served to protect the city. Now, as the only surviving city wall in China, it has become one of the most prominent symbols of Xian. The upper surface of the wall is a wide, rough road, decorated with Chinese red lanterns. The walls of the city of Xian were built in 1370 during the Ming dynasty. They have a height of 12 m and form a rectangle with a length of 14 km along the perimeter. The walls have 4 main and several minor entrances made in the form of a beautiful gate.

Xian is probably the third most popular tourist city in China after Beijing and Shanghai. People come here to look at the Terracotta Army. Terracotta statues of Chinese warriors and their horses were created during the Qin dynasty. In 210 BC together with the first emperor of China, they were buried deep underground as well. Despite the fact that many years have passed, the figurines look like living.

The city of Xian is the first of the four ancient capitals of China. Any trip to China will be incomplete if you do not spend a few days in the city of Xi'an. This ancient city was one of the seven ancient capitals of China. Xi'an served as the capital of 12 dynasties for more than 1000 years.

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Xian city, China
The Big Wild Goose Pagoda is located in the Da Ci En Temple (Great Kindness and Civility), which is located 4 km from the city part of Xian. Pagoda Big Wild Goose - this is one of the most famous Buddhist pagodas in China. This pagoda was built during the reign of the Tang dynasty (618 - 907) specifically to study Buddhist scriptures. For centuries, this pagoda suffered from adverse weather conditions, earthquakes and even wars. Most of the original pagoda building was destroyed, however today we can see the same pagoda, in the same place and under the same name.

If you ask the Chinese, which city in China is famous for its ancient history and famous landmarks, many will certainly answer that this is Xian, which is more than 3,100 years old

In fact, the Chinese state itself, called "China", began to exist in Xian when the first emperor of the Qin dynasty era (221-207 BC) completed his conquests and united the formerly hostile states into one. During the reign of the Tang dynasty (from 650 to 800) it was the most populated and largest city in the world with 1 million inhabitants. It was at this time that China was the most powerful state in the world with a very developed culture.

Xian is a large and very popular tourist city, there are more than a thousand hotels of different levels and price categories. The cost of living is closely related to the location of the hotel: the closer to the center, the more expensive. Never buy anything, giving in to the first impulse. Most likely, in ten minutes you will see the same thing, but two times cheaper. China has very beautiful parks, each with its own zest and its own face.

In Xian, there are a lot of cafes, restaurants and eateries, where you can quickly grab something on the run and have a good snack. In the city, there are restaurants with various cuisines (from Italian to Arabic), but it is more interesting to try local dishes. Xians cuisine is a little different from traditional Chinese, it has a very ancient history and many admirers: local dishes became known all over China and are popular not only in Shaanxi province, but also outside.

Tourism in the city of Xian is very developed, so currency exchange is not difficult. First of all, the currency can be changed in the exchange offices in hotels. In addition, it can be done on the four main streets of the city, where there are business centers and banks. Especially a lot of bank branches located on East Street, South Street and the Small Fortress. Basically there are branches of banks of Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Construction Bank of China.

What to bring from China for yourself? I would like to pamper myself and bring something special, as well as necessary and practical, to the memory of the trip to the Great Country. Alcohol, spices and sweets will end quickly, but the traditional ones: a fan, an umbrella, national clothes, paintings and small souvenirs will please you for a long time, recalling the trip. Popular among Chinese people is an alcoholic drink called "Maotai".

This is vodka on rice with a thick consistency, white-yellow color with a pleasant sweet aftertaste, the strength of which ranges from 35 to 63 degrees. This alcohol elixir appeared recently, but has already become popular in the market, although it is not a budget purchase. Another series of unusual tinctures "Yao-jeu" is considered an original purchase, where the composition contains unusual components for us: ants, snakes, exotic mushrooms and berries. Depending on the components, the drink has different properties and, accordingly, different purposes.

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