Zaraysk, Russia. Zaraysk is a city on the Osetr River, 160 km south-east of Moscow

The main attraction of Zaraysk is the Zaraisk Kremlin

The city where Evpaty Kolovrat gathered his squads, where Dmitry Pozharsky started the liberation movement, and where the German offensive was stopped during World War II

On its territory there are two active cathedrals: St. Nicholas Cathedral (1681) and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (1904). The Zaraisk Kremlin is truly unique: it remained in the same form as it was built in the 16th century, the enemies could never take it, it was not destroyed, it was not burned. The estate of Fyodor Dostoevsky's parents was located 19 km from Zaraisk, and his mother Maria Fedorovna was buried in the main temple of the Zaraisk Kremlin. The writer has been here many times, lived for a long time, loved these places.

Dmitry Pozharsky, a Russian voivode, refusing to accept the power of False Dmitry II during the unrest, it was from here that he moved from the main square of Zaraisk with troops to Moscow.

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Zaraysk, Russia

The city is mentioned in the annals under various names, mainly associated with the name of the river on which it is located - Osetr

The family estate of the Dostoevsky family is Darovoye village, where the famous writer spent his childhood and where he came in his mature years. The Zaraisk Kremlin Museum boasts authentic paintings by I.E. Repin, I.I. Shishkin and A.I. Aivazovsky. On the territory of the Kremlin is the Zaraysk site - an archaeological monument of the Paleolithic era, and a monument of world importance.

During the excavations, various objects of everyday life of primitive people were discovered: for example, a hoe from a mammoth's tusk, a necklace made of arctic fox teeth, various figurines and other equally amazing things. Therefore, although Zaraysk was first mentioned in the annals for the first time only in 1146, the first settlers appeared in these places much earlier.

Can you imagine that 22 thousand years ago people lived on the site of the current Zaraysk? This is proved not by isolated household items, but by the preserved parts of their dwellings! It seems that this is something unreal. But the glaciation drove them away from the inhabited places, and they left - in search of a warmer area for living... Now, on the place where their settlement was located, now stands the city of Zaraysk, Moscow Region.

Zaraysk is the city of the smallest stone Kremlin in Russia, which will soon be five centuries old. However, it was built by the fryuzhskiy masters according to all the rules of fortification: after all, this city was border and defended the approaches to the Moscow State. Many times there was the Crimean cavalry under the walls of Zaraisk.

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