Switzerland resorts. Swiss city Zurich shortly before dawn. Travel Switzerland

Limmat River

Limmat is a 36 km long river in Switzerland, flowing from Lake Zurich and flowing into the Aare river

It divides Zurich into two parts - the Old City on the right bank and the Small City on the left. Limmat is a popular place for active recreation of the Swiss. Here you can ride on a boat or sailboat.

The right bank of Limmat is a historical center with numerous architectural monuments, narrow streets and old houses. Its axis forms the street Niederdorf with a pedestrian zone, objects of entertainment and recreation. At the embankment of the Limmat River, high steeples and towers make you look up. Large watches look at people from the church of St. Peter, which is located near the waterfront.

Zurich is rich in vibrant cultural events. There are over 50 museums, more than 100 galleries, and every year more and more new ones are opened. You can really walk around the city forever. Numerous figured fountains (of which you can drink without fear) with colorful sculptural compositions, a characteristic feature of Switzerland, delight the tourists. Some of them are memorials.

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Switzerland resorts. Swiss city Zurich shortly before dawn. Travel Switzerland.

Zurich is famous for its high prices and is one of the most expensive cities in the world

Switzerland is the country with the best watches in the world. That is why among the city stores you will constantly meet shops with watches: from budget and low-priced brands to world famous watch giants. The promenade around Lake Zurich is completely free entertainment available at any time of the year. There are swans on the lake.

In addition to amazing architecture and wonderful people, Zurich is also a city of birds. Dozens of white swans swim off the shores of Lake Zurich and delight not only guests and travelers, but also the residents themselves. And feeding these big birds with something tasty will give you imminent pleasure, because they so elegantly and carefully take food from their hands and nod their heads gratefully.

Every Wednesday you can get to the Kunsthaus Zurich for free. Picasso, Monet, van Gogh are just a few of the famous artists that are exhibited there. Also do not miss the opportunity to visit a free tour of Zurich. Zurich is one of the largest centers of tourism, the number of its guests reaches a million a year.

Zurich is a very green city, it abounds with numerous idyllic parks full of flowers, among them the Reschberg Park of extraordinary beauty. Zurich, like Winterthur, belongs to the leading centers of art in Europe. There are many museums here. The most famous of them is the Kunsthaus on Heimplatz (Kunsthaus am Heimplatz), where the history of the development of European art over two thousand years is fully reflected. Among the artists represented are Munch, Kokoshka, Monet, Manet, Cezanne, Klee, Mondrian, Chirico, Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, a large collection of Dadaists. To the right of the entrance to the museum, a bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin's "Gates of Hell" is installed.

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