Adventure travel - evening in mountains. Adventure holidays

Reasons to go to the mountains abound

Mountaineering is a trip to the mountains on the slopes, ridges, glaciers, passes and mountain streams

What do you get in return for your time and energy? Incredible views - the higher you climb the mountains, the more colorful the view. This is what makes you move forward - the beauty that you see behind you and the beauty that awaits you further. The snowy peaks, which are replaced by greenery and flowers at the foot, thick forests, cold springs - all this is just fascinating and remains in your memory for a long time. You pump your back, and legs, and lose weight - while all in the fresh clean air. Fans of outdoor activities have long preferred trekking and know how such training forms and strengthens the body.

Camping is one of the cheapest ways to travel. You eat not in restaurants, but simple products purchased at the store: cereals, dried fruits, canned goods. You don't live in a hotel or even in a hostel, but in your tent - so there is no spending on living at all. You make your own coffee. You make your own entertainment. As a result, you almost did not spend the money on a trip, but at the same time having received a lot of pleasure and delightful memories.

Technological progress does not bypass the active tourism, and lovers of hiking can choose in the company stores clothing that is indispensable in the conditions of temporary living in nature: these are T-shirts, jackets, hats, gloves that breathe, but do not let the wind or moisture pass through. For particularly harsh conditions, you can buy, as it is called, a phantom mask - or a special cap that covers the entire head and has a slit for the eyes, it is usually used with protective mountaineering glasses. But it is in winter, in summer, ordinary sports sunglasses will do.

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Adventure travel - evening in mountains. Adventure holidays.
Boots are the most important part of a tourist's wardrobe. They should not save and buy shoes from a well-known manufacturer of shoes for active hiking, and on hiking trips in wet weather, it still does not prevent the use of shoe covers - socks made of waterproof material that are worn directly over the shoes. Special equipment should be selected in accordance with the participant's experience, be adequate to the route, its complexity and duration.

"I regret spending my time. I regret spending my money. I regret having spent my strength." You will never hear anything like this from a tourist who has at least once made a trip to the mountains

Test yourself for strength - there is no better option to test your strength than to go hiking in the mountains. Already there are no shops near you, a cozy bed, a refrigerator, the Internet. All the knowledge that you have is only that which is now in you. Do you want to drink? You have to find a spring, get water and carry it on yourself. Do you want to eat? You have to collect firewood, make a fire and cook your own food.

Do you want to sleep? Take off the heavy backpack that you wore all day, pitch your tent, equip a place to sleep. And in the morning - again climb to the new heights. With each such campaign, you experience your strength and character, making them even stronger. If everyone around you is going on vacation at sea for the tenth consecutive year, you can alternate your delightful journeys and make them much more original.

Go to the sea once for a couple of days, another - to rest in the city, third - to go camping, not getting hung up on one variant of pastime. After every hard day there always comes a moment of enjoying your work. You receive the reward for trials every night, when you find yourself in a new, most romantic place not on Earth: the sky is thick with stars above you, a fire rattles in front of you, there is a tent behind your back and fireflies in the bushes.

Mountaineering is one of the types of sports tourism. In this concept, many people combine different types of outdoor activities: rafting on mountain rivers, climbing, eco-tourism - expeditionary hikes to get acquainted with the animal and plant world, to study the rocks. However, in the general case, mountain tourism is the overcoming of routes that pass in a mountainous area at an altitude of more than 3000m above sea level.

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