Skiing tours Bosnia. Multiple tracks visible on the slope from previous day. Bosnia tourism. Enjoying winter months

Solo adventure holidays for single travelers. Beautiful winter destinations.

Sarajevo is surrounded by mountains, ideal for skiing

In 1984, the XIV Winter Olympic Games were held in Sarajevo, and several ski centers were built for this event, each with its own specialization. Due to the proximity to the capital, excellent routes, developed infrastructure and reasonable prices, the ski resorts of Jahorina, Bjelasnica and Igman are the most popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is occupied by mountains. The whole country is within the so-called Dinar Highlands. The maximum elevations fall to the central part of the country, to the periphery of the mountain they fall: to the north - to the valley of the Sava river and to the south - to the Adriatic Sea.

The local mountains are stunning beauty. In such conditions, nature itself has provided ideal opportunities for creating ski resorts. Every year more and more travelers direct their eyes towards new unexplored spaces, little-known and mysterious, attracting with their novelty. Holidays in the resorts of Bosnia and Herzegovina - the best option, allowing you not only to soak up the sunshine on the Adriatic Sea, but also to take a ride on one of the good ski resorts in this country. A source: The Jahorina mountain range lies southeast of Sarajevo. Administratively, this is the territory of the Republika Srpska.

There are several peaks on Jahorina, the tallest of which is the Fireman - 1916 meters. In winter, Jahorina offers mountain-skiing, cross-country skiing, sledding, night skiing, extreme skiing, ski paragliding, snow scooters, snowboarding, ice-skating, walks, swimming pools and saunas, as well as a variety of gastronomic pleasures and nightly entertainment. Why are hundreds of thousands of people already skiing and snowboarding, and every season their ranks are replenished with newly-made athletes? Ski vacation is a complete disconnection from your annoying working rhythm, solving your problems and difficulties.

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Skiing tours Bosnia. Multiple tracks visible on the slope from previous day. Bosnia tourism.
After all, when you fly at 60 km / h on a mountain at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, it all seems so small and insignificant! The purest mountain air charges you with energy for quite a long time. But do not rely on the fact that your friends will teach you to ride or you yourself somehow cope. Take at least a couple of lessons at a ski school, with a ski instructor. At a minimum, this will make your attempt to make friends with alpine skiing or snowboarding safe (both for you and those around you), and in general you will immediately master the correct technique, and then you will not have to relearn.

In popularity of the Bosnian-Herzegovina ski resorts, Jahorina has practically no rivals: a convenient location, beautiful landscapes, plenty of snow and a mild climate

Fun winter weekend trips. Snow on Jahorina lasts 175 days a year, by February reaching one meter thick. There are especially snowy winters when the snow cover reaches 3 meters. Good feeling. Jahorina is traditionally considered one of the best ski resorts in the former Yugoslavia. Skating here is the most diverse and for every taste. The local slopes are equipped with snow cannons and are prepared quite carefully by snow groomers. The cuisine of Bosnia and Herzegovina skillfully took a little bit from everywhere - unforgettable welcome, huge portions, low prices. There are a lot of restaurants, rosettes (grilled fast food), bars with hot and cold drinks. The mountains are covered with coniferous forests.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a state in Eastern Europe, in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. It consists of autonomous administrative units of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republika Srpska and Brcko District. It borders in the west and north with Croatia, in the east with Serbia, in the south-east with Montenegro. It has a small outlet to the Adriatic Sea. Bosnia occupies the northern part of the country, along the valley of the Sava River and its tributaries. Herzegovina is located south of the Neretva River basin. The Serbian republic occupies the northeastern part of the country adjacent to Serbia.

The long-awaited winter has come. Wore everything in snow and ice. Everything froze. A lovely winter day is a living fairy tale. The sky is blue. Light breeze blowing. On such a day it is impossible to sit at home. I want to take skis, run out into the street and slide down the hill. Runners cut through the snow, snow dust flies on the cheeks, burning, the speed of breath is breathtaking. Great! And here you climb the hill again to repeat this sensation of instant joy from riding. The sun blinds the eyes, makes sparkle all around, which further uplifts the mood.

The resorts of Bosnia and Herzegovina are very attractive for supporters of active recreation, equipped with modern lifts and have excellent trails of various levels of complexity. There are four ski resorts in the country: Jahorina, Belashnitsa - near Sarajevo and Vlasic, Kupres - remote from big cities, but all of them are very attractive, you can ski, snowboard, sled and just have a great holiday, surrounded by stunning mountains. Snow cover at all resorts is held for five months a year. You can eat in local restaurants and taverns, where you can choose from national and European cuisines.

The main attraction of the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is its magnificent nature: eighty percent of the territory is occupied by picturesque mountains that attract tourists with stunning waterfalls, lakes, dense forests and a small but beautiful strip of the Adriatic coast. You can come here at any time of the year and find something to your liking at one of the wonderful resorts in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Day tours. When talking to the local population, try to avoid controversial political issues. In a conversation, it is better not to touch on religious issues - remember that both Orthodox and Muslims live in the country.

Jahorina Ski Resort is one of the best resorts located in the former Yugoslavia, thirty kilometers from Sarajevo and twenty-eight kilometers from the airport. The ski season at the ski resort begins in November and lasts until April. There are excellent tracks for professionals, as well as for ordinary amateurs. There are sleighs and a good skating rink. The main attraction of this ski resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Mount Ogorelitz, which has a height of nineteen sixteen meters. Finding a place to stay in Jahorina is not a problem: there are plenty of cottages for rent, rooms in boarding houses and hotels, at very affordable prices, unlike other European resorts. A huge bonus of living in these hotels is their close proximity to the mountain slopes.

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