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Acapulco has long been a famous tourist town in Mexico, where the newlyweds love to spend their honeymoon. Romantic weekend getaway ideas.

Acapulco has two magnificent bays that glorify him. Santa Lucia, also known as Bahia de Acapulco or Acapulco Bay and Puerto Marquez, which displays cliffs, golden sandy beaches and lush tropical thickets

Acapulco - a holiday city, a dream city, a carnival city. Most of the beaches of Acapulco are located opposite La Costera or the main boulevard. The beaches, including some world-class beaches, such as Hornos Beach, Tamarindos, Ikaros and Papagio made the town of Acapulco famous throughout the world.

Acapulco sounds like a song. Acapulco never sleeps. During the day, tourists spend time on the beaches, riding yachts and parasailings, and at night they rush to Kostera-Migel-Aleman street, where they have fun and spend money on dance floors, casinos and restaurants. The nature of Acapulco is created to relax in a "tropical paradise". The local bay is one of the four most beautiful bays in the world and annually attracts millions of tourists. At the same time, the city, unlike Cancun, was able to preserve the unique Mexican spirit. The resort is great for families with children, elderly tourists and young people.

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Travel Acapulco Beach. Acapulco Bay vacations. Mexico tours.

Mexico is surrounded by water. On the one hand it is washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico belonging to the Atlantic, and on the other by the Pacific Ocean

Acapulco is famous not only for its crystal clear sea and golden sand, but also for its first-class restaurants. In Acapulco, you can easily find the best accommodation that will fit your budget and lifestyle. Often tourists come here just for the weekend. Acapulco is called the pearl of the Pacific - first of all for its gorgeous beaches. They stretched almost 30 kilometers.

Condes is considered the most popular of the 20 municipal beaches. Its length is one kilometer. Entry here is free. The sand on Condes is fine, pleasantly yellow in color. The water in the ocean is not the most calm. There are waves, so the beach is popular with water sports enthusiasts. The condes are well equipped. Here you can rent deck chairs, umbrellas, if necessary, go to the toilet and shower, as well as visit local cafes and restaurants.

Similar to Condes, Icacos Beach is another favorite tourist destination. This is two kilometers of well-equipped coastline with clean yellow sand and turquoise ocean water. The waves here are not strong, but you cannot call calm water either. Along Icacos stretches a whole string of fashionable hotels, restaurants and nightlife. The beach is quite crowded. Hornos is considered one of the oldest beaches. It is located in the city park, where you can easily hide from the scorching sun under the palm trees, eat at the cafe, soak up the sand and have plenty of swimming in the calm ocean.

The underwater world of Acapulco is surprisingly rich, but divers have nothing to do there - the water in the Pacific Ocean is too muddy. But the fishermen will be delighted: in the local waters there are abundant barracudas, tuna, dorado and blue weight marlin. Every tourist who visits Acapulco will find something to do here. Due to the diverse culture and traditions of Acapulco, the cuisine here is not only authentic tacos and burritos. The fusion of international dishes will please any tempted gourmet. Soups in Mexico are not very popular, but if they are cooked, they can devote the whole day to it. So much time is spent preparing the national dish salted. This is a hearty soup of meat, legumes, avocado and radish, with the addition of lemon and specialty spices. Another popular soup in Acapulco is the mushroom. Therefore, you should definitely try. As a main dish, you can order stuffed tortillas (from meat, seafood, vegetables, or all together), as well as real Mexican steak. The freshest beef is not long fried in a skillet along with a lot of vegetables. The meat should definitely stay a little pink inside and be served hot.

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