Travel to London. St. Paul's Cathedral view from the Thames river embankment. London tours

St. Paul's Cathedral in London

Did you know that there is a law prohibiting the building next to the Cathedral of St. Paul buildings that would close the view of its walls?

It is necessary that all interested could consider the complexity of the architectural design. To implement his project, Christopher Wren resorted to a non-standard combination of various materials, came up with bold engineering designs that still delight world-class specialists in the field of urban planning. Today, St. Paul's Cathedral is recognized as an outstanding model among all the domed structures of European countries.

St. Paul's Cathedral in London is the pearl of English Baroque. It can rightly be considered not only a temple dedicated to the Apostle Paul, but also a monument to himself, because a modern building is already the fifth cathedral built on the same place.

The massive silhouette of the Cathedral of St. Paul in London pompously towered over the city as in the 18th century, when the houses were low, and now. Among the skyscrapers that almost "scratch" the atmospheric layer, St. Paul has not lost its greatness. Even the attacks of the Luftwaffe could not damage the dome designed by Sir Wren. The grave of the architect of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, buried on its territory, is devoid of a monument. Instead, on the tombstone is a laconic inscription: "Reader, if you are looking for a monument - just look around.".

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Travel to London. St. Paul Cathedral view from the Thames river embankment. London tours

St. Paul's Cathedral in London is no less interesting inside than outside

The interior of the cathedral is famous for remarkable mosaics, carved benches of surprisingly fine work, openwork grilles, reminiscent of lace and, of course, statues. Today, St. Paul's Cathedral in London is a little reminiscent of the modest Anglican churches - this is a grandiosely beautiful building, without which London is hard to imagine. Trip ideas: vacations, tours and getaways.

St. Paul's Cathedral stands on the highest hill in London. Beautiful view of the city temple owes its special location. It is located on the hill of Ludgate. This is the highest point in the capital. That is why the numerous London skyscrapers do not overlap the magnificent facade of the cathedral. Many prominent Britons are buried in the Cathedral of St. Paul. Admiral Nelson, Duke of Wellington, John Donne, Sir Alexander Fleming, and about 200 other famous British people are buried in the cathedral in the company of his talented architect, who created the new face of the capital destroyed by fire.

London is one of the most attractive cities in the world for tourists. According to statistics, London is the second most visited city in the world (first place in Paris). In the museums of London you can see the cultural and historical values of all times and peoples. Young people from all over the world come to London to study. Here is the most modern music. In stores in London sold the most modern and fashionable goods. In the summer of 2012, the Olympic Games were held for the third time in London. In this city you will definitely find something interesting for yourself.

The historic center of London, formed by the districts of Westminster and the City, was formed in the Victorian era. Among the single buildings that survived the fire of 1666 is the medieval fortress Tower. Tower, for nine hundred years of history was a fortress, which was the residence of kings, armory and treasury, as well as a prison and place of execution. This is one of the most popular monuments of modern London.

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