Tropical vacations. View from under the coconut palm on nice yacht sliding slowly along the shore during sunset. Caribbean vacations

The Caribbean is a colorful and vibrant world. The best places for diving.

The Caribbean archipelago consists of several dozen large and small islands belonging to different states

The region has long been chosen by tourists from all over the world, first of all, lovers of beach holidays and water sports - eternal summer reigns on the islands, and the number of sunny days, especially from November to May, beats all records. In addition to climate, the Caribbean is famous for its natural resources - magnificent tropical forests and coral reefs inhabited by exotic inhabitants. Thanks to the colonial heritage, cultures and customs of different nations are intertwined in the Caribbean, which makes virtually any small island nation in the basin in its own way unique. However, as if Barbados did not differ from Aruba, and Trinidad from Martinique, for many of us the Caribbean is the sun and sea, tanned beauties in bikinis, exotic cocktails and crazy beach parties. The Caribbean is an endless holiday and undisturbed vacation away from the noisy metropolises.

The Caribbean and the hundreds of islands located here are a true paradise. As befits a paradise on Earth, there is much that will bring you pleasure, there is something to see and do: the main points of the Caribbean menu are beaches, boats and bikinis. In the Caribbean, the living legends about pirates coexist with the monuments of world religions, and flora and fauna conquer the imagination with its brightness and diversity.

The Caribbean islands are on the path of two warm ocean currents - the Guiana and Antilles. Due to their presence, no sharp changes in climatic conditions are observed on the islands, and only small temperature changes are observed throughout the calendar year. The Caribbean is one of the most romantic and popular places to relax. Because of the comfortable climate, scattered like the beads of dozens of islands with comfortable bays, and a huge number of representatives of the animal and plant world, piracy flourished here in its time.

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Tropical vacations. View from under the coconut palm on nice yacht sliding slowly along the shore during sunset. Caribbean vacations
Hundreds of years have passed, but people continue to reach out to the Caribbean islands. Every year, they are visited by tens of millions of people from all over the world, and the tourism industry is a major component of the income of the Caribbean countries. People are attracted not only by the blue sea and golden sand, clean beaches and tall palm trees, but also by the unique atmosphere that reigns on the islands.

In the Caribbean, the best beaches: wide white sandy beaches and a gentle sunset into the sea

On Earth there are a huge number of beautiful and unique places, which are called paradise. One of these places is the Caribbean resorts that are in the most comfortable conditions for humans - the tropics. These islands are truly striking and mild climate, and its recreational activities of the Caribbean States. Caribbean weather is always good. There is no winter here and the sun shines all year round. Take a trip to the large and small islands of the Caribbean. You can visit Cuba, Haiti, Martinique and Dominica, visit Jamaica and Puerto Rico, admire the beauty of the Bahamas and other island nations.

Relax on the most beautiful beaches of the world, as if descended from glossy advertising brochures; Meet the local cuisine, which is considered one of the most healthy and delicious. The beauty of the world's number one entertainment site includes mountains covered with coconut trees, verdant sugarcane and banana valleys, white sandy beaches and dazzling sunlight.

Coral reefs are calcareous geological structures formed by colonial coral polyps and some types of algae that can extract lime from sea water. Formed in shallow waters in tropical seas. The total area of coral reefs in the world exceeds 27 million km ?. About a third of the world's coral reefs have already been destroyed. Under the current trend, some reefs will be destroyed by 2030. The largest reef on Earth is the Great Barrier Reef off the northeast coast of Australia, reaching almost 2000 km in length.

At night, the coral reef looks different than during the day. Corals pull out tentacles, fish settle down for the night among corals. At the same time, parrots fish are wrapped in a protective mucous blanket, which is released every night. Amazing fish flashlight is nocturnal. Under her eyes are large glands containing luminous bacteria. These "lanterns" fish can include and extinguish.

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