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Travel we need to live. We travel because we want to know our beautiful planet, to broaden our horizons. How great it is to feel the greatness of the ocean, its strength and power, causing spiritual thrill. Lying on the beach, you realize that the problems left at home are not more than a grain of sand in the size of the Universe. When you begin to travel, you will realize that most of the things you have are absolutely not needed by you, and you can safely get rid of them by freeing up space in the closet. The same applies to unnecessary emotions, unnecessary worries, uninteresting people and habitual obligations - by getting rid of such "junk", you will make room for many new things you really need.

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Vacation travel - Vietnam beach vacations, picture #219
Vacation travel - Vietnam beach vacations
Vacation travel - Mexico resorts, picture #179
Vacation travel - Mexico resorts
Vacation travel - Penang Pagoda - Malaysia, picture #460
Vacation travel - Penang Pagoda - Malaysia
Vacation travel - Sardinia - Italy, picture #86
Vacation travel - Sardinia - Italy
Vacation travel - Mexico cruising Acapulco, picture #197
Vacation travel - Mexico cruising Acapulco
Vacation travel - Whitsunday Island beach, picture #166
Vacation travel - Whitsunday Island beach

The people of the past centuries were sent to other countries, as nowadays, for various reasons - recreation, work, business, some other things. And most of their travel often took exactly the road. Vacation is not necessarily an unusual rhythm of life and thirst for Adventure. Emotional "shake-up" and new places are not needed by everyone, and experts are confident that it's all about genes: thirst for adventure or not at the genetic level since the time when a person had to leave the place and look for a new home and food.

Vacation travel - Africa tours Kenya, picture #12
Vacation travel - Africa tours Kenya
Vacation travel - Russian Forest, picture #266
Vacation travel - Russian Forest
Vacation travel - Wooden church, picture #140
Vacation travel - Wooden church
Vacation travel - Zaraysk - Russia, picture #99
Vacation travel - Zaraysk - Russia
Vacation travel - Xian city - China, picture #97
Vacation travel - Xian city - China
Vacation travel - Bora Bora resorts, picture #377
Vacation travel - Bora Bora resorts

Traveling helps you understand what you want from life and find inspiration. If it seems to you that life has lost its meaning and there is no strength to do anything - plan a trip. Let it be a voyage even for a week. This will give you time to take your mind off, Relax and be inspired by new achievements and projects. When traveling to Asia, book accommodation for 1-2 days, and on the spot look for a cheaper (it does not mean that a worse) option. Not all hotels / guesthouses provide their data to search engines.

Vacation travel - Russian church, picture #108
Vacation travel - Russian church
Vacation travel - Nizhny Novgorod - Russia, picture #252
Vacation travel - Nizhny Novgorod - Russia
Vacation travel - Air travel, picture #44
Vacation travel - Air travel
Vacation travel - Old wooden church, picture #518
Vacation travel - Old wooden church
Vacation travel - Marseille - France tours, picture #294
Vacation travel - Marseille - France tours
Vacation travel - Switzerland Alps, picture #297
Vacation travel - Switzerland Alps

You should know in advance about the rules of conduct, security and other features of the country in which you go on vacation. The length of time from the start of organizing a trip to checking into a hotel is also a stressful situation for a person, after which our brain also requires relaxation. Rest begins only when a person stops thinking about work. Night journeys between cities and countries on trains and buses, as well as on ferries, especially first and vip class is a good opportunity to save time and money on the hotel.

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