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Journey gives knowledge of the world, its devices and the ability to bring benefits to humans. Travelers of the past used to wander their own legs, later horses, boats, balloons and ships. With the development of scientific and technological progress, the traveler's transport has gained significant advantages in speed and comfort: cars, trains, airplanes, boats and ships bring strangers to different parts of the world. Although bicycle, horse sleighs and own legs are still running. With the development of scientific and technical progress, the traveler's transport has gained significant advantages in speed and comfort: cars, trains, airplanes, boats and ships bring strangers to different parts of the world. Although travelers still use the bike, horse teams and their own legs.

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Vacation travel - Indian tropics vacation, picture #481
Vacation travel - Indian tropics vacation
Vacation travel - Rajasthan tours India, picture #236
Vacation travel - Rajasthan tours India
Vacation travel - Cannes tours Croisette, picture #210
Vacation travel - Cannes tours Croisette
Vacation travel - Omsk - Russia, picture #281
Vacation travel - Omsk - Russia
Vacation travel - lake Baikal travel, picture #164
Vacation travel - lake Baikal travel
Vacation travel - Relics Of The Buddha, picture #92
Vacation travel - Relics Of The Buddha

How to enjoy your life? One of the varieties of travel - a voyage for the purpose of entertainment. Entertainment can be different: carnivals, a beer festival or a concert of a famous star. Fans are going to look at their idols. Only the most desperate travelers try new destinations every time. Mostly people prefer personally or someone for a long time proven places. Of course, this greatly simplifies trip planning.

Vacation travel - Perito Moreno glacier, picture #180
Vacation travel - Perito Moreno glacier
Vacation travel - Floating Torii Gate - Japan, picture #513
Vacation travel - Floating Torii Gate - Japan
Vacation travel - Thailand travel, picture #318
Vacation travel - Thailand travel
Vacation travel - Vatican tours Rome, picture #28
Vacation travel - Vatican tours Rome
Vacation travel - Royal Archives - China, picture #419
Vacation travel - Royal Archives - China
Vacation travel - Densus Church - Romania, picture #158
Vacation travel - Densus Church - Romania

Our planet is very lucky - it is just created for the birth of life. Without liquid Water, life as we know it would be impossible. Just a billion years ago, the amount of water on our planet was almost twice as large, and after a billion years there would be very little water. Most species of living organisms that have ever lived on Earth have long since died out on their own or died in natural disasters. Life on planet Earth was born and exists only thanks to the energy that the Sun gives us. The light of the Sun, which we see today, is the result of thermonuclear reactions that occurred in the solar core more than a hundred thousand years ago. The sun is the closest star to us from 400 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy. The mountains and our planet itself consist for the most part of the waste of long-dead huge stars. The day will come when the sun will first burn and then swallow our planet. The molten iron core of our planet creates a magnetic field around the Earth that protects us from the high-energy particles emitted by the sun and coming to us from the depths of the Universe.

Vacation travel - Lotus In Full Bloom, picture #505
Vacation travel - Lotus In Full Bloom
Vacation travel - Amazonia travel Brazil, picture #335
Vacation travel - Amazonia travel Brazil
Vacation travel - Kyoto - Japan, picture #527
Vacation travel - Kyoto - Japan
Vacation travel - French Riviera honeymoon, picture #229
Vacation travel - French Riviera honeymoon
Vacation travel - Corsica travel France, picture #345
Vacation travel - Corsica travel France
Vacation travel - Hainan Island - China, picture #507
Vacation travel - Hainan Island - China

The reasons for traveling are not as few as people may seem at first glance. Planning a trip is much calmer for us when we have friends who can tell what they have seen in different places and what you should pay attention to. Promotions with significant discounts may be announced by travel agencies for all types of recreation, both on close destinations and Exotic ones. When to pay attention to them? It all depends on where you want to go. February and March is the end of the season for exotic tours to China, Cuba or the Dominican Republic. In this case, discounts can be at least 50%. Skiers can also count on good savings.

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