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Modern tourism is, on the one hand, young, as it became massive only after the Second World War; on the other hand, tourism has deep historical roots, for travel has been inherent in humanity since ancient times. Memories. Probably the most expensive thing that we can have. We are the creators of the moments, both pleasant and not so. But anyway, later it will be cool to remember and in some places understand how you have changed. The main thing is not to forget to live here and now, enjoy life and not seek any reason to travel.

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Vacation travel - Stromboli island - Italy tours, picture #375
Vacation travel - Stromboli island - Italy tours
Vacation travel - Castle Geyser - Yellowstone, picture #446
Vacation travel - Castle Geyser - Yellowstone
Vacation travel - Sahara desert Village, picture #487
Vacation travel - Sahara desert Village
Vacation travel - Good morning Greece, picture #193
Vacation travel - Good morning Greece
Vacation travel - Schladming - Austria, picture #71
Vacation travel - Schladming - Austria
Vacation travel - Crete vacations Greece, picture #237
Vacation travel - Crete vacations Greece

The feeling of fatigue is absolutely natural for a working person, respectively, and arguing with the need for vacation is probably meaningless. A solo journey is a whole philosophy, if not a peculiar Religion. According to the travelers themselves, it is not due to some kind of injury, resentment or depression. This is not a crazy act, but a search for answers to internal questions. Such adventures do not always end with a return to the people. And, perhaps, the very first solo travelers were hermits.

Vacation travel - Hainan Island - China, picture #507
Vacation travel - Hainan Island - China
Vacation travel - West Africa Diving, picture #70
Vacation travel - West Africa Diving
Vacation travel - Yellowstone Falls, picture #98
Vacation travel - Yellowstone Falls
Vacation travel - Saint-Tropez - France, picture #48
Vacation travel - Saint-Tropez - France
Vacation travel - Florence - Italy, picture #412
Vacation travel - Florence - Italy
Vacation travel - Cityscape - old Prague, picture #462
Vacation travel - Cityscape - old Prague

Away from home, from familiar people, from all the ordinary and boring, we can rethink ourselves and our lives in a new way. Very often it is during our travels that the most true ideas, the right decisions and amazing discoveries come to our heads. The anticipation and feeling of something new always expands the boundaries of human thinking, helping to continue to look at familiar things from a different angle. Going on board the plane or in the train, we seem to be at the zero kilometer, from where all the roads are new and unexplored, and so eager to pass through them, that inside there is a pleasant quivering sense of anticipation of the Adventure.

Vacation travel - Maldives holidays, picture #84
Vacation travel - Maldives holidays
Vacation travel - Zanzibar island beach, picture #365
Vacation travel - Zanzibar island beach
Vacation travel - underwater photography tours, picture #207
Vacation travel - underwater photography tours
Vacation travel - Lake Bled - Slovenia travel, picture #370
Vacation travel - Lake Bled - Slovenia travel
Vacation travel - Puerto Rico vacations, picture #403
Vacation travel - Puerto Rico vacations
Vacation travel - Banff national park Canada, picture #320
Vacation travel - Banff national park Canada

Why do we need to force workaholics to rest? Traveling is not just a luxury, but, from the point of view of psychology, the opportunity to switch from the daily routine to a completely different way of life, learn something new and create with your thinking. Such a change of environment allows our nervous system to fully Relax. For children, travel is an invaluable developmental experience, it's not for nothing that Mongolian wisdom says that children grow up on the road.

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