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The history of travel and tourism begins with the development of civilization. The earliest references to travel belong to the Babylonian and Roman empires. In India, travel existed to strengthen power, honor and respect for the king. In Greece, such activities were carried out in order to visit the places where the healing of the gods took place. These sites include various archaeological sites. For example, the famous Parthenon temple. Herodotus is listed in history as the first writer of guidebooks.

Best places to visit. World travel photos. Best destinations in the world.

Vacation travel - New York City, picture #233
Vacation travel - New York City
Vacation travel - Mexico resorts, picture #179
Vacation travel - Mexico resorts
Vacation travel - Cannes tours Croisette, picture #210
Vacation travel - Cannes tours Croisette
Vacation travel - Lake Baikal - Russia, picture #424
Vacation travel - Lake Baikal - Russia
Vacation travel - Iceland tours, picture #57
Vacation travel - Iceland tours
Vacation travel - Whale in Maui Hawaii, picture #306
Vacation travel - Whale in Maui Hawaii

Do not deny yourself the pleasure you deserved for so long. After all, all the money in the world you will never earn! To get new impressions, it is not necessary to leave thousands of kilometers. The main condition for any trip is not to be disappointed. If you look for flaws, you will certainly succeed in this, but if you focus on the positive aspects, there will undoubtedly be more.

Vacation travel - Antalya vacations Turkey, picture #162
Vacation travel - Antalya vacations Turkey
Vacation travel - tropical vacations, picture #285
Vacation travel - tropical vacations
Vacation travel - Perhentian Islands - Malaysia, picture #410
Vacation travel - Perhentian Islands - Malaysia
Vacation travel - Mallorca vacations, picture #330
Vacation travel - Mallorca vacations
Vacation travel - Mexico cruising Acapulco, picture #197
Vacation travel - Mexico cruising Acapulco
Vacation travel - Monky praying, picture #112
Vacation travel - Monky praying

Always have a backup plan and spoil your journey will be impossible. Cooling is no reason to cancel a Beach holiday, if you have a ball or rackets with a shuttlecock with you, it is also more comfortable to go Hiking in cool weather, and it is very pleasant to watch the drizzling rain from a Museum window. In general, you are the author of your trip, what it will be, depends on you.

Vacation travel - Nizhny Novgorod - Russia, picture #252
Vacation travel - Nizhny Novgorod - Russia
Vacation travel - Altay - Russia, picture #360
Vacation travel - Altay - Russia
Vacation travel - Indonesia Workout, picture #317
Vacation travel - Indonesia Workout
Vacation travel - Montezuma Castle - Arizona, picture #427
Vacation travel - Montezuma Castle - Arizona
Vacation travel - Moscow House Of Music, picture #465
Vacation travel - Moscow House Of Music
Vacation travel - Austrian tours Tyrol, picture #201
Vacation travel - Austrian tours Tyrol

Why do people like to travel? A person is always looking for something new, something previously unseen - the next page in the book of the world. This makes travel so interesting, intriguing and desirable for all of us. If you work physically, during the holidays, go swimming, sunbathe, reread your favorite book. If your brains are tired, run on skis, go kayaking or conquer the Mountain peak.

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