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Tourism originated with man. People began to travel the world from the very beginning of the birth of civilization. The main goal was to establish trade routes. The earliest forms of such recreation and development could be observed in Egypt, as well as the Babylonian empire.

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Vacation travel - Zanzibar tropical tours, picture #371
Vacation travel - Zanzibar tropical tours
Vacation travel - Caribbean vacations, picture #54
Vacation travel - Caribbean vacations
Vacation travel - Capitolio - Havana, picture #113
Vacation travel - Capitolio - Havana
Vacation travel - Lake Baikal - Siberia, picture #275
Vacation travel - Lake Baikal - Siberia
Vacation travel - Lake Bled - Slovenia travel, picture #370
Vacation travel - Lake Bled - Slovenia travel
Vacation travel - Havana - Cuba, picture #117
Vacation travel - Havana - Cuba

How often do you need to take a vacation so as not to feel exhausted at work? Do you want to Relax? Want something unusual and Exotic? Just go and take it. Life is short. Go on a trip. How to go on a trip if you do not know foreign languages? The easiest way to go on a tour without worrying about communication. You will have a guide who will show and tell everything during a tour of the main attractions.

Vacation travel - Krasnoyarsk - Russia, picture #273
Vacation travel - Krasnoyarsk - Russia
Vacation travel - Little Potala Temple - China, picture #459
Vacation travel - Little Potala Temple - China
Vacation travel - Kangaroo Island, picture #2
Vacation travel - Kangaroo Island
Vacation travel - Pisa tower - Italy, picture #1
Vacation travel - Pisa tower - Italy
Vacation travel - Vologda - Russia, picture #137
Vacation travel - Vologda - Russia
Vacation travel - Kazan Kremlin - Russia., picture #378
Vacation travel - Kazan Kremlin - Russia.

In the bustle of urban everyday life, the memories of the short days spent in the shining country of your dreams will become the guideline that in difficult moments will not allow drowning in a black hole of meaninglessness and loneliness - the inevitable components of life in the City. A person's vacation is necessary for rest, a change of atmosphere, relaxation, vacation is the opportunity to visit a new country, to receive a lot of positive emotions. On vacation, as if you are recharging, you drop everything that has accumulated in you negative, and accumulate everything that can inspire you in the future.

Vacation travel - Antarctica travel, picture #221
Vacation travel - Antarctica travel
Vacation travel - Cathedral of Palermo - Italy, picture #383
Vacation travel - Cathedral of Palermo - Italy
Vacation travel - Greece Crete Resort, picture #484
Vacation travel - Greece Crete Resort
Vacation travel - Aleksandrov - Russia, picture #39
Vacation travel - Aleksandrov - Russia
Vacation travel - Sea of Cortez dolphin patrol, picture #216
Vacation travel - Sea of Cortez dolphin patrol
Vacation travel - Ruins of Leptis Magna, picture #332
Vacation travel - Ruins of Leptis Magna

Why do we need to travel? There are many interesting places on Earth that you want to visit. Unfortunately, we don't even know the names of some of them, and they are also very interesting, and the rest in such places is simply amazing. A person needs a vacation to break away from work and get the opportunity to look around, find time for other things. When work ceases to occupy the human brain, new fresh thoughts and ideas come to mind. Rested person becomes kinder and more creative.

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