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At the beginning of the 17th century, a completely new and unknown tourism industry appeared in the world, which is very popular today. The fact is that many young people were offered to go on a journey far beyond the ocean, to other mysterious countries with one sole purpose - to get a high-quality and sought-after education.

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Vacation travel - Koh Chang beach - Thailand, picture #286
Vacation travel - Koh Chang beach - Thailand
Vacation travel - Myanmar travel Burma, picture #217
Vacation travel - Myanmar travel Burma
Vacation travel - Lake Baikal - Siberia, picture #275
Vacation travel - Lake Baikal - Siberia
Vacation travel - Chesler Park - USA, picture #439
Vacation travel - Chesler Park - USA
Vacation travel - Iguazu falls, picture #16
Vacation travel - Iguazu falls
Vacation travel - Patagonia tours Argentina, picture #172
Vacation travel - Patagonia tours Argentina

Tourists who spend holidays in other countries, experts advise to remember about acclimatization, not to get involved in alcohol and to be friendly with respect to the local population and other tourists. Going on a trip, take care in advance about medical insurance. Medicine for tourists in many countries is extremely expensive and not always of good quality. With medical insurance in case of trouble, the insured person can count on quality and free medical care. Insurance is quite inexpensive, but it can save you a significant amount of money.

Vacation travel - Saint-Tropez - France, picture #48
Vacation travel - Saint-Tropez - France
Vacation travel - Tyrol - Austria, picture #5
Vacation travel - Tyrol - Austria
Vacation travel - Philippines vacations, picture #301
Vacation travel - Philippines vacations
Vacation travel - Aleksandrov - Russia, picture #39
Vacation travel - Aleksandrov - Russia
Vacation travel - Curved bridge - Norway fjord, picture #464
Vacation travel - Curved bridge - Norway fjord
Vacation travel - Ruins of Leptis Magna, picture #332
Vacation travel - Ruins of Leptis Magna

There are many options for recreation. You can spend a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or a romantic trip alone, for example on the islands, enjoy the abundance of fruits, fresh air, sandy beaches, primeval Nature, various aromatherapy, and SPA procedures, but also do not forget about active recreation, for a change. In the super-popular tourist areas prices are very high for everything, so it is wiser to move away from the center and make purchases at lower prices.

Vacation travel - Peekaboo Trail - USA, picture #442
Vacation travel - Peekaboo Trail - USA
Vacation travel - Sea of Cortez dolphin patrol, picture #216
Vacation travel - Sea of Cortez dolphin patrol
Vacation travel - Champ-de-Mars, picture #52
Vacation travel - Champ-de-Mars
Vacation travel - Biarritz vacation France, picture #369
Vacation travel - Biarritz vacation France
Vacation travel - Courchevel - French Alps, picture #363
Vacation travel - Courchevel - French Alps
Vacation travel - Turkey hotel swimming pool, picture #488
Vacation travel - Turkey hotel swimming pool

What is the use of travel? Traveling is in addition to the obvious opportunity to see the world and the opportunity to expand one's horizons, to see people with a different Culture, perhaps even to learn something. The countries in which this culture is much different from ours are particularly interesting. Traveling around the world and discovering new horizons is a hobby and even a way of life for thousands of people.

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