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Traveling refreshes our lives. Habitual things acquire new features and character. At the end of the 18th century, tourism for educational purposes became an integral feature of every nobleman. Over time, people began to travel, not only in order to obtain new knowledge, but also in order to get pleasure from something new.

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Vacation travel - Lombok Island - Indonesia, picture #415
Vacation travel - Lombok Island - Indonesia
Vacation travel - Zurich - Switzerland, picture #177
Vacation travel - Zurich - Switzerland
Vacation travel - United Kingdom travel, picture #279
Vacation travel - United Kingdom travel
Vacation travel - La Digue Seychelles holidays, picture #381
Vacation travel - La Digue Seychelles holidays
Vacation travel - Linderhof Palace, picture #29
Vacation travel - Linderhof Palace
Vacation travel - Sipadan diving holidays, picture #169
Vacation travel - Sipadan diving holidays

Our Planet Earth is like a huge globe with many secrets and surprises, because it's hard to imagine how many more incredible Ancient structures and remains of amazing Animals will be discovered by scientists. Some finds are made by even the most ordinary people. Reflecting on the upcoming voyage, we begin to worry about the difficulties that await tourists. We worry that we will not find a place to sleep, we will not be able to communicate with the residents of another country. What do travels teach? That all the above fears are in vain. Get together with the spirit, throw away the excitement, focus on your goal and hit the road.

Vacation travel -  greek clay pots - Cyprus, picture #336
Vacation travel - greek clay pots - Cyprus
Vacation travel - Baikal lake fishing, picture #521
Vacation travel - Baikal lake fishing
Vacation travel - Leverett Peace Pagoda, picture #406
Vacation travel - Leverett Peace Pagoda
Vacation travel - Cancun hotels - Mexico, picture #171
Vacation travel - Cancun hotels - Mexico
Vacation travel - Kirilo-Belozersky monastery, picture #506
Vacation travel - Kirilo-Belozersky monastery
Vacation travel - active vacations adventure, picture #328
Vacation travel - active vacations adventure

Our Earth is fraught with many mysteries that have yet to be solved. We are always looking for something more. And even our best guesses often do not allow us to understand where we will find it. Unfamiliar dishes, Exotic Culture, the practice of a foreign language, new situations activate various, often not previously used parts of our brain. This helps us keep the brain in shape, removes senile dementia, replenishes our knowledge base of the world. We constantly receive new information, but not from books, but empirically.

Vacation travel - Novgorod-the-Great - Russia, picture #508
Vacation travel - Novgorod-the-Great - Russia
Vacation travel - Vietnam beach holidays, picture #220
Vacation travel - Vietnam beach holidays
Vacation travel - Serengeti sunset - Africa, picture #399
Vacation travel - Serengeti sunset - Africa
Vacation travel - Neva river shore - Russia, picture #384
Vacation travel - Neva river shore - Russia
Vacation travel - Havana - Cuba, picture #117
Vacation travel - Havana - Cuba
Vacation travel - Delicate Arch - Utah, picture #105
Vacation travel - Delicate Arch - Utah

Traveling is changing our worldview. The first thing a traveller finds out after visiting different countries is that Exotic places are not as dangerous as they seem. In any City you can feel comfortable. This rule applies to wildlife: observing elementary safety rules, you are guaranteed to avoid trouble. Abrasions, small wounds, cuts - such injuries can occur both during Beach and during excursion rest. Be sure to keep antiseptic at hand.

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