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Humanity has traveled since the very beginning of civilization - let it not even suspect that this is called a journey. It is, of course, about trade travels between cities and ports. For example, the trading center between the Sumerian civilization (Mesopotamia) and the Indus Valley (India) was Lothal. Time passed, humanity developed, empires were built. Travel acquired the character of leisure - people traveled not only for the sake of trade, but also for religious purposes, or simply out of curiosity. This could already be called tourism - people traveled to distant lands to look at the majestic buildings of other cities, to see works of art, to join the foreign culture.

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Vacation travel - Perhentian Islands - Malaysia, picture #410
Vacation travel - Perhentian Islands - Malaysia
Vacation travel - Kamchatka - Mutnovsky volcano, picture #520
Vacation travel - Kamchatka - Mutnovsky volcano
Vacation travel - Good morning Greece, picture #193
Vacation travel - Good morning Greece
Vacation travel - Sea of Japan - Russia, picture #53
Vacation travel - Sea of Japan - Russia
Vacation travel - Linderhof Palace, picture #29
Vacation travel - Linderhof Palace
Vacation travel - Putrajaya trip Malaysia, picture #238
Vacation travel - Putrajaya trip Malaysia

There are two easy ways out of depression: the railway station and the airport. Or the port from which you go on a Sea Cruise. Our life is short and amazing. Travel today without waiting for free time or large incomes. At least once a year, go where you have not been before. Discover yourself by exploring the world and the people around you. If you are planning a Beach holiday, do not forget sunscreen and sunburn treatments.

Vacation travel - Forbidden City, picture #123
Vacation travel - Forbidden City
Vacation travel - Armenian church, picture #89
Vacation travel - Armenian church
Vacation travel - Jilin Winter - China, picture #93
Vacation travel - Jilin Winter - China
Vacation travel - Vanuatu diving vacation, picture #296
Vacation travel - Vanuatu diving vacation
Vacation travel - Sony Center dome - Berlin, picture #163
Vacation travel - Sony Center dome - Berlin
Vacation travel - Temple ruins - Angkor wat, picture #184
Vacation travel - Temple ruins - Angkor wat

Once you leave your familiar comfort zone, as it inevitably begins to expand, you may soon have a whole world in your comfort zone! Surely you know a lot of creative people who travel frequently. For them, this is a kind of vital necessity, because changing the situation and discovering for themselves something previously unknown, they find inspiration and strength for new challenges. This rule applies to absolutely everyone, because fresh impressions can turn, well, or at least shake up the life of any person. What you need to know, going on a trip to a particular country, what dishes of local cuisine to try and what to bring with you - everything is worth thinking about in advance.

Vacation travel - Machu Picchu tours, picture #325
Vacation travel - Machu Picchu tours
Vacation travel - Barbados Beach, picture #151
Vacation travel - Barbados Beach
Vacation travel - Smoked eel unagi rolls, picture #491
Vacation travel - Smoked eel unagi rolls
Vacation travel - Bangkok Royal Palace, picture #455
Vacation travel - Bangkok Royal Palace
Vacation travel - Andes tours - Chile travel, picture #206
Vacation travel - Andes tours - Chile travel
Vacation travel - The Bahamas seashore, picture #262
Vacation travel - The Bahamas seashore

Start preparing for the journey is better in advance, at least a month before the trip. New roads and routes, especially pedestrian, contribute to the maintenance of the body in excellent physical shape. On the threshold of old age, and even more death, we will remember not about the number of fur coats in the closet or new phones, but about what we managed to see in our life.

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