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In ancient empires, the traveler already had something to see: in Ancient Egypt, for example, many religious festivities were held in honor of the gods, and in Babylon as early as 600 BC it was possible to visit the museum of historical antiquities. In India, people made pilgrimages to Sravasti and Sarnath in order to see the face of the Buddha Enlightened. And, of course, traveling can be called trips of kings of all empires in their possessions in order to strengthen their authority and power.

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Vacation travel - London tours, picture #390
Vacation travel - London tours
Vacation travel - Amazon river, picture #3
Vacation travel - Amazon river
Vacation travel - Brandenburg Gate Berlin trip, picture #380
Vacation travel - Brandenburg Gate Berlin trip
Vacation travel - Tiger Reserve safari - India, picture #249
Vacation travel - Tiger Reserve safari - India
Vacation travel - Niagara Falls tours, picture #170
Vacation travel - Niagara Falls tours
Vacation travel - Cordilleras mountains, picture #526
Vacation travel - Cordilleras mountains

For some people, travel is a dream that comes true once a year during a vacation. Other people are looking for longer trips. When planning a visit abroad, do not forget to learn as much as possible about local customs, traditions, rules of conduct and legislation. This will help you not to be trapped - do not break the law and do not insult the locals. Lunchtime is the best to visit historic sites. Basically, tourist groups come on excursions either in the morning or in the evening, and somewhere in 13 hours the queue is less. Well, if you are an early bird, then come in the morning, you have every chance to be the first in line.

Vacation travel - Traditional Chinese June, picture #186
Vacation travel - Traditional Chinese June
Vacation travel - Helsinki - Finland, picture #56
Vacation travel - Helsinki - Finland
Vacation travel - Tahiti resorts, picture #51
Vacation travel - Tahiti resorts
Vacation travel - Zurich - Switzerland resorts, picture #250
Vacation travel - Zurich - Switzerland resorts
Vacation travel - China Tours, picture #277
Vacation travel - China Tours
Vacation travel - Galapagos Iguana, picture #21
Vacation travel - Galapagos Iguana

If possible, visit local travel agencies and buy tourist cards. Sometimes with these cards you can go somewhere for free or get a good discount to museums, public transport, restaurants, etc. With strangers, you need to be careful. After all, where the tourists - there is always a desire to cash in on them. This does not mean that you need to be afraid of people, just be careful and watch your things.

Vacation travel - Bosporus - Istanbul - Turkey, picture #468
Vacation travel - Bosporus - Istanbul - Turkey
Vacation travel - Waikiki Hawaii surfing, picture #72
Vacation travel - Waikiki Hawaii surfing
Vacation travel - Antarctica cruise, picture #340
Vacation travel - Antarctica cruise
Vacation travel - Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay, picture #194
Vacation travel - Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay
Vacation travel - Castle Geyser - Yellowstone, picture #446
Vacation travel - Castle Geyser - Yellowstone
Vacation travel - Balaklava sunset - Crimea, picture #231
Vacation travel - Balaklava sunset - Crimea

Traveling is a positive experience. Did you like the national dishes, the cozy courtyard, the garden, the patterns on the dresses? You can always repeat it in your homeland. No wonder people are mutually enriched by the customs of each other for many millennia. Always make out travel insurance, even if it is not necessary according to the visa rules of the country. Seeking medical care may be an order of magnitude more expensive than the cost of an insurance policy.

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