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Around the V century BC tourism began to develop in ancient Greece. Even the first guides appeared - travel notes; The first writer of such notes was Herodotus, who described Troy, Sparta and Athens. It was Athens that became an important cultural center; They came here to see local sights, such as the Parthenon. Hotels were built in major Greek cities and ports - the first road signs pointed to the travelers about their location.

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Vacation travel - Jamaica tours Ocho Rios, picture #305
Vacation travel - Jamaica tours Ocho Rios
Vacation travel - Vietnam beach vacations, picture #219
Vacation travel - Vietnam beach vacations
Vacation travel - Israel tourism Jerusalem, picture #213
Vacation travel - Israel tourism Jerusalem
Vacation travel - Tokyo tour Sensoji temple, picture #316
Vacation travel - Tokyo tour Sensoji temple
Vacation travel - The Bahamas seashore, picture #262
Vacation travel - The Bahamas seashore
Vacation travel - Iceland vacations, picture #75
Vacation travel - Iceland vacations

Some people think that planet Earth has long been studied and there are no "white spots" on it. This is not at all the case. There are still so many things on Earth that are amazing, unusual, and not yet completely solved. Meet the national cuisine not only in tourist restaurants, but also in ordinary cafes - there you will not overpay for the design and interior, and get an idea of the real local cuisine. The main sign that the establishment is worthwhile is a large number of visitors inside.

Vacation travel - Belvedere Palace - Vienna, picture #322
Vacation travel - Belvedere Palace - Vienna
Vacation travel - Himalayan tours - Nepal trips, picture #346
Vacation travel - Himalayan tours - Nepal trips
Vacation travel - Rajasthan tours India, picture #236
Vacation travel - Rajasthan tours India
Vacation travel - Russia tours, picture #263
Vacation travel - Russia tours
Vacation travel - Kremlin - Russia, picture #391
Vacation travel - Kremlin - Russia
Vacation travel - Ruacana Falls, picture #282
Vacation travel - Ruacana Falls

If you are not a polyglot and can not learn the languages of all countries where you plan to travel, this does not mean that the world is closed for you forever. Resourcefulness, sound approach and an irresistible thirst for Adventure will help you solve all disputed issues and prepare for the journey. Be bold, and everything will work out. When you buy airline tickets, keep in mind that flights with transfers and connections are much cheaper than direct flights, and sometimes even cheaper than train tickets. Especially this nuance helps when you are looking for a flight during the peak season or during the festival.

Vacation travel - underwater photography tours, picture #207
Vacation travel - underwater photography tours
Vacation travel - Turkey vacation, picture #46
Vacation travel - Turkey vacation
Vacation travel - Brazil travel Guajara bay, picture #312
Vacation travel - Brazil travel Guajara bay
Vacation travel - Gansu Lamasery - China, picture #101
Vacation travel - Gansu Lamasery - China
Vacation travel - Madonna di Campiglio - Italy, picture #386
Vacation travel - Madonna di Campiglio - Italy
Vacation travel - Harbour Bridge - Sydney trip, picture #376
Vacation travel - Harbour Bridge - Sydney trip

When the dream comes true, cherished since childhood, you do not pay attention to the little things: the bad weather does not scare; you are ready to forgive the small growth of palm trees, and the Beach that there is not enough white sand on it. All this does not matter in those moments when your children's plan, which grew out of old battered books, becomes a reality. To see the world, it is not necessary to be a millionaire. Travel more and you will realize that it does not need to spend millions. Big money is needed only for those who dream of a Sea Cruise to Exotic islands.

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