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At the beginning of the XVII century, a new concept in tourism appeared - the Grand Tour. It was introduced in Russia during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Its essence was to help young people who want to become lawyers, sending them to study in the continent. The grand tour could last about 3-4 years - it was believed that this was enough to get a good education. Of course, young people were well aware that happiness was not the only one in school, and during such tours they joined the cultural life of Florence, Venice and Paris. So gradually, the journey for learning was a journey into the high society, and the grand tours traveled for pleasure until the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars.

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Vacation travel - Kremlin - Russia, picture #391
Vacation travel - Kremlin - Russia
Vacation travel - King Vulture - Argentina, picture #230
Vacation travel - King Vulture - Argentina
Vacation travel - Brazil travel Amazon river, picture #204
Vacation travel - Brazil travel Amazon river
Vacation travel - Iguazu falls, picture #16
Vacation travel - Iguazu falls
Vacation travel - Patagonia tours Argentina, picture #172
Vacation travel - Patagonia tours Argentina
Vacation travel - Giant Panda Breeding - China, picture #497
Vacation travel - Giant Panda Breeding - China

Vacation is a great time when you can stop to look at your everyday life from the side, clear your brains, dream, make plans for the near future and make decisions that haven't been reached for a long time. Before you go on a trip, gather information about the local customs, traditions and laws of the country in which you are going to rest. This is especially true of Asian countries. What we consider normal at home in another state may be illegal or indecent. If you need to exchange money, do it only in bank branches. Do not trust local money changers.

Vacation travel - Venice tours - Rialto bridge, picture #356
Vacation travel - Venice tours - Rialto bridge
Vacation travel - House with Chimaeras - Kiev, picture #258
Vacation travel - House with Chimaeras - Kiev
Vacation travel - Lady Elliot Island, picture #189
Vacation travel - Lady Elliot Island
Vacation travel - Santorini Restaurant, picture #103
Vacation travel - Santorini Restaurant
Vacation travel - Alhambra palace - Spain, picture #257
Vacation travel - Alhambra palace - Spain
Vacation travel - Montezuma Castle - Arizona, picture #427
Vacation travel - Montezuma Castle - Arizona

Sightseeing at a frantic pace is almost the same as watching a documentary. An interesting place requires a slow dive into the atmosphere. You need to soak in it, feel it. When we stop always rushing off somewhere, we have more chances to enjoy what is happening: beautiful places, beautiful weather, amazing people around us. Choose local and seasonal dishes. If you are on the coast, why order pork, if seafood and fish are cheaper and fresher? In Asia, tropical fruit salads and necks are cheaper than apples and oranges.

Vacation travel - Buchara Samani Mausoleum, picture #531
Vacation travel - Buchara Samani Mausoleum
Vacation travel - Mexico coral reef adventure, picture #482
Vacation travel - Mexico coral reef adventure
Vacation travel - Mount Ushba - Caucasus, picture #504
Vacation travel - Mount Ushba - Caucasus
Vacation travel - Sea of Japan Coast, picture #492
Vacation travel - Sea of Japan Coast
Vacation travel - Monument Valley - USA, picture #435
Vacation travel - Monument Valley - USA
Vacation travel - Banff national park Canada, picture #320
Vacation travel - Banff national park Canada

If you feel a burnout at work or face severe pressure, a vacation may allow you to resolve the situation. After all, being under stress, a person is not able to perceive things properly. However, after taking a break, you will understand how to balance work and life, as well as save yourself from constant stress. Souvenirs in tourist places and at the airport are usually more expensive. Most often, almost everything is the same, you can buy in large supermarkets, at prices 1.5-2 times lower.

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