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Tourism in the view of most people is associated with recreation, new experiences, pleasure. He firmly entered the life of a man with his natural desire to discover and discover uncharted lands, monuments of nature, history and culture, customs and traditions of different nations. The history of tourism and travel is part of the history of culture. There is not a single culture in the world in whose history the history of travel would not stand out.

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Vacation travel - Gol Gumbaz mosque - India, picture #188
Vacation travel - Gol Gumbaz mosque - India
Vacation travel - Cappadocia - Turkey tours, picture #287
Vacation travel - Cappadocia - Turkey tours
Vacation travel - Remembering last vacation, picture #467
Vacation travel - Remembering last vacation
Vacation travel - Metate Arch - Devils Garden, picture #438
Vacation travel - Metate Arch - Devils Garden
Vacation travel - Kremlin tower, picture #122
Vacation travel - Kremlin tower
Vacation travel - New Zealand lake, picture #156
Vacation travel - New Zealand lake

From continuous work and study, sooner or later, any person gets tired. In this situation, the best way to Relax is to change activities. And the journey fits perfectly: Adventure, new experience and vivid impressions are guaranteed. Keep in mind that the specificity of housing in Asia is such that in most cases (especially budgetary options) it is cheaper to search for housing on the spot. On the Internet, cheap hotels and guesthouses, as a rule, do not put forward their offers, and if they do, they are much more expensive. In addition, it is always possible to bargain live and discard another 20-40% of the stated price.

Vacation travel - San Marco Square - Venice, picture #458
Vacation travel - San Marco Square - Venice
Vacation travel - Samoa vacation, picture #198
Vacation travel - Samoa vacation
Vacation travel - Notre Dame de Paris - France, picture #283
Vacation travel - Notre Dame de Paris - France
Vacation travel - Old windmil - Russia, picture #483
Vacation travel - Old windmil - Russia
Vacation travel - Kyoto - Japan, picture #527
Vacation travel - Kyoto - Japan
Vacation travel - Italy - Rome - Vatican tours., picture #290
Vacation travel - Italy - Rome - Vatican tours.

Going on vacation, we are in anticipation of new experiences and dating. But in order for him to meet our expectations, it is necessary to follow a number of simple rules. Being in a foreign country, respect its inhabitants and customs, try to be friendly in any situation and smile more. And your vacation will be great! When going on a trip to another country, make copies of all documents that you take with you in advance, and keep these copies separately from the originals, including in digital form.

Vacation travel - San Simeone Piccolo, picture #90
Vacation travel - San Simeone Piccolo
Vacation travel - travel Gold Coast, picture #160
Vacation travel - travel Gold Coast
Vacation travel - Patagonian whales, picture #524
Vacation travel - Patagonian whales
Vacation travel - Copenhagen tourism, picture #80
Vacation travel - Copenhagen tourism
Vacation travel - London tours, picture #390
Vacation travel - London tours
Vacation travel - Indonesia Workout, picture #317
Vacation travel - Indonesia Workout

Travel is always a road, and the road is a surprise. Especially carefully you need to collect a first-aid kit if you are traveling to a place isolated from the big cities. There is a risk that quickly finding a pharmacy there simply will not work. It is very important to be protected on the road. It is worth thinking about safety in advance, having learned as much information as possible about the place of rest.

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