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In those times, which we call "prehistoric", there were people who could not sit still, who sought to go beyond the horizon. They went into complete obscurity, not having at their disposal decent vehicles and means of protection, thinking not of themselves, but of the great goal they set and eventually achieved. Any resort of our beautiful planet, any region of the world still keeps a dozen secrets and back streets that are inaccessible to most travelers. For a long time, trips take place exclusively along the trodden trails, and there were no more adventures in them than the stars on an overcast night. Fortunately, once each of us deviates from the usual route, and this day can be considered his second birthday. Or, if you want, a day of immersion in a real, deep and joyful world.

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Vacation travel - Maldives holidays, picture #84
Vacation travel - Maldives holidays
Vacation travel - India sunset fishing, picture #66
Vacation travel - India sunset fishing
Vacation travel - Greece vacation Cyprus, picture #196
Vacation travel - Greece vacation Cyprus
Vacation travel - Aquapark Entertainment, picture #309
Vacation travel - Aquapark Entertainment
Vacation travel - Saint Petersburg, picture #79
Vacation travel - Saint Petersburg
Vacation travel - Grand Canal - Venice, picture #414
Vacation travel - Grand Canal - Venice

Travel is a vacation. Usually, people go on travels when they want to take a break from daily work. Tender sun, turquoise Sea, warm climate, friendly aborigines, delicious food, a variety of entertainment help us to forget about our worries for a while. If you are traveling by car in Europe, then try to choose hotels on the outskirts of the City, because it is quite problematic to Park a car in the center of any large city.

Vacation travel - Veliky Novgorod - Russia, picture #474
Vacation travel - Veliky Novgorod - Russia
Vacation travel - Steller Sea Eagle, picture #407
Vacation travel - Steller Sea Eagle
Vacation travel - Great Wall - China, picture #139
Vacation travel - Great Wall - China
Vacation travel - Kara Dag sunrise, picture #148
Vacation travel - Kara Dag sunrise
Vacation travel - Indian Ocean Sunset, picture #456
Vacation travel - Indian Ocean Sunset
Vacation travel - Stone path - Japan, picture #147
Vacation travel - Stone path - Japan

Outdoor is literally translated as "behind the door" and means "that which is in the outside world, in the open air." In discussions about travel, this concept has become very popular today and refers to national parks in different countries entirely. National parks tell about our planet and about what place in Nature is reserved for man. It is here, inhaling the fresh air in the midst of lush greenery, full of bird noise, the modern man feels truly free. And national parks are places of Adventure where the traveler can acquire useful skills and learn something new about himself.

Vacation travel - Equator Village Resort, picture #494
Vacation travel - Equator Village Resort
Vacation travel - Puerto Rico vacations, picture #403
Vacation travel - Puerto Rico vacations
Vacation travel - Tulips - Holland, picture #351
Vacation travel - Tulips - Holland
Vacation travel - Siberia hitchhiking, picture #319
Vacation travel - Siberia hitchhiking
Vacation travel - Wooden church - Ples - Russia, picture #253
Vacation travel - Wooden church - Ples - Russia
Vacation travel - Runing from the wave, picture #471
Vacation travel - Runing from the wave

Traveling is the experience of organizing your life. Trips require some action. This is the ability to plan stops at hotels, excursions, walking; charges the necessary minimum of clothing and hygiene items. Thus, we teach ourselves to order, including at home. If you learn about other mysterious countries only from the news, then you might think that the world is one total disaster. It is not true.

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